Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Begging for food


Stray cats always make me melt. Well, actually all cats make me melt, but especially stray cats. Cause they always have that cute sympathetic look, with that watery eyes which silently express "I'm hungry... Do you have some food...? Could you give me some...? Please......" ;) And most of the time, they are a friendly bunch of cats:)

These days, I regularly bumped into stray cats. They just seemed to appear out of no where. And I met this little blackie kitty in the picture as I parked my car at my work place. Yes yes, I admit, when I saw him, I was the one who "greeted" him first;p But then, he was the one who became so friendly, purring and all:)

But unfortunately, I don't have any food or cat food at that moment. So sadly, I had to disappoint him :( I said sorry, patted him and said goodbye cause I was also in a rush going to my class. From that event, I have realized that maybe I need to stock up some cat food in the car ;) So that, I won't disappoint any stray cats that come begging to me for food :) Yup, some of the crazy things that cat lovers do out of their love for cats.. Some of the crazy things we do:)

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