Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mama Kin

This is Mama Kin. She needs help.

You may read about her story by clicking the Petfinder box below . Please spread the words in case you know anybody who could really adopt her. Thank you=)

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Panda said...

Abu apa khabar? Rindu kat dia.

umi_e said...

Salam... harap ada orang yang sudi adopt dia...

umi_e said...

Salam... which univ are you now?

Fara; said...

to panda,
huhu..sy dan kwn2 di sini pun rindu kt die.. Abu dh lame sgt kitorg tak nampak.. Kitorg rase, maybe die pergi hostel boys..sbb mmg tak pernah nmpk dh die kt hostel kitorg...:(

to kak umi,
alhamdulillah ade org dh adopt die..walaupun sementare jer (coz anak2 die tu nnti kene buat process adoption baru plak), tp kire ok la.. at least die tak kene tangkap dgn the cat catcher.

oh sy blaja di UIA kak:)

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