Thursday, April 1, 2010

A letter to the dearly missed, Mega

Dear Mega,

How are you and your dear lucky kitten Doo Joon? I hope you and Doo Joon are always in good health and happy condition. I trust that your master is taking good care of both of you.

I write you this letter cause, the truth is, I miss you, dear. In fact all of us here miss you dearly. If you think that I have forgotten all about you and your kittens, then that thought is wrong ,dear. I still remember you, your antics and the way you look at me when you want to ask me for food. But I wonder, do you still remember me, dear? Do you still remember all of us here? But even if you have forgotten all about me and the rest of my cat lover friends here, it's okay. Cause the most important thing of all is that you are now happy with your master who are taking good care of you and Doo Joon.

Your master told me that on your first day at your new home, you have started to show your affectionate side to him and you have started to become the friendly cat that I knew. I'm so happy to hear that. Your master also told me that he has other cats at home. So, I hope you will not start any fight with the other cats. Remember, they are now your new friends and family. So, don't be too harsh on other cats okay? Make peace with them and befriend them well.

And another thing that I need to remind you is, please be good to your master. Pray for his happiness and the happiness of his family who are willing to take good care of you and Doo Joon. If it's not for the will of God and the willingness of your master to adopt you, you wouldn't be where you are now. I still remember the moments when, after two days of posting about you and your kittens at PetFinder, all of your kittens had been booked for adoption, except you Mega. No one wanted to adopt you and I had begun to feel very worried, and sad too. I started to post my worries in Petfinder, FB, chatbox and blogs. Thank God, fortunately, on the same day, your master, the same person who initially booked only Doo Joon, expressed his concern and sympathy and told me that he was willing to adopt you too. Subhanallah, God knows how touched and thankful I was at that moment. I was so overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness that I shed tears.

And you have to be very thankful to God for it is based on His will as well that your other three kittens, Yang Yo, Kimba and Ivan were also adopted by good, caring and kind-hearted individuals. They are also now living in comfort, with their masters, just like you and Doo Joon.

Oh in case you're wondering how's your other three kittens doing, they are fine, don't worry. Yang Yo's master smsed me that your only gentle little princess is actually a loud kitten;p She usually wakes her master up early in the morning with her loud meowws. From her gentle and delicate look, I have never expected her to be a loud kitten. Hehe. Nevertheless, the master said she is one very cute and adorable kitten. The master has changed her name. She is now known as Owly. The master said it suits her adorableness;)

As for Kimba and Ivan, the mistress who is also my friend said that they are such naughty, active yet adorable and playful partners. They are very close with each other and my friend said that she doesn't feel so lonely anymore ever since these two munchkins are around. Truthfully speaking, it's such a heartwarming experience to know you and all four of your kittens are in good hands.

As for the ignorant people and cat haters who irresponsibly shoo you and other cats of this block away to unknown places and the heartless individuals who didn't allow you and your kittens to be given more times to stay together here, I wish that you will pray so that they will one day be given revelations to be more humane. I hope they will soon realize that animals especially in this case stray cats, should be protected and given the rights to be protected as well.

Mega dear, I want to take this opportunity to ask for your forgiveness if in in case I have hurt you in any way. Forgive me cause I didn't provide you with a comfortable box that I promised to give you two days before you deliver. But I did give you a comfortable box after you have delivered your babies right? Forgive me for scolding at you sometimes. Yes, I admit it that I scolded you sometimes. But I scolded you because you didn't want to eat your food. You were getting thinner by day and I was so worried of your health and also of your kittens' health. That's why I scolded you. But trust me, I didn't mean any harm, it's for your own good. Forgive me for I have to separate you from your kittens. I know you love them so much and you are such a protective mother that sometimes you ignored your own safety for the sake of your kittens. I'm so sorry, but I have no other choice. But I know you could understand why I did all this. It's for your own good and for the safety of your kittens.

Before I end this letter, I want to say thank you, dear. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for trusting my friends. And most important of all, thank you for your love and the love that we shared. Though it's only for temporary, but it's so valuable and it's very special. Below, I have included some collection of pictures of you and your kittens that I managed to capture before all of you have been taken away. These pictures symbolize how special you are to me and how invaluable the experiences were.

From left, first row: Yang Yo, Doo Joon, She-Ivan
Second row: Kimba (BuMon) and Mega.

The whole family was deep in sleep:

Before the separation

During the separation

After the separation

Me and the family

You know what Mega, since I was so out of hand on the adoption day, I didn't get the chance to take picture with Doo Joon. But it's okay. As long as he is in good hands. Finally dear Mega, take good care of your self and do remember that you and your kittens will always belong in a special place in my heart. Will always be...insyaAllah.

The person who used to shed happy tears for your happiness.


Neko D. 13 said...

nanti satu hari buatlah reunion utk this family. mesti menarik ;p

*fara, have u watch 'Hachi; A dog's story'? best tau movie ni. ada dua version hollywood & japan. yg japan is thumbs up. hehe just want to share. hope u don't mind XP

Kak Bunga said...

cute lil' kitty...
so adorable

나나 said...

i really enjoy your story..animals could make me teary hardly and sometimes could make me laugh out loud. anyway, alhamdulillah mega and the kittens are adopted into good people. only Allah will reward all your kindness..^^

p/s : i named my kittens dongwoon and AJ..hihi

F.S / (^_^) \ said...

to Neko,
hehe..reunion ehh..takut nnti time tu diorg dok bercakaran plak sesame sendiri;p

Oh i xpenah tgk movie tu..mesti best kan..? jepun mmg bnyk movie psl anjing comel2 yg menyentuh hati..kalau nak tengok, kene sediakan kotak tisu kt tepi..huhu. thanks eh bgtau:) kalau ade citer ape2 yg best lg, do suke share psl movie2 ni;)

to nadia,

to 나나,
and Allah will also reward good hearted people who care about animals just like you:)

Anyway, i was not the one who named the kitts after korean friends did. diorg ni mmg geng gile korean bands;) sy nih bersetuju sj ape2 name yg diberikan asalkan chomel bunyi nye;)

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