Friday, March 12, 2010

Mr Fluffy: Upon Request

In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful.

I believe I owe one worthy update and story to several concern and caring people like Chulakitty and Cipee. They would like to know what has happened to Mr.Fluffy. If you don't know Mr.Fluffy, then you can read about him here. Sorry ya people, cause it took me quite awhile to write an update on Mr.Fluffy. So today, I'm going to write what has happened to Mr.Fluffy.

Now, after my first encounter with Mr.Fluffy that day, I still went to visit him at the HS cafe. I would stop at the cafe right after work and bought him something to eat. I did this few times.

Then one day, I thought I should buy him the wet food for cat. Since he had problems with chewing food, giving him the Whiskas wet food in the packet would help. So that evening, I went outside to buy the Whiskas wet food. I remember I bought not just one or two or three packets. But I bought five!

Once I was done with that, I went straight to the cafe and searched for him to give him the food. I searched and searched and searched. But I couldn't find him at the cafe area. Then I went to a different area which is the mart area. Then I saw him. There he was hiding under the car of the mart owner. I coaxed him to come out. As I was trying to coax him, I saw one girl who's about my age, was searching for something as well. She looked under the tables, behind the pillars. I didn't really pay full attention to her and what she was doing. At the same time, Mr Fluffy got nearer to me and managed to get out of his hiding place. Then I carry him to a safer place for me to give him the wet food.

As I was looking at Mr Fluffy which was happily eating the wet food, the girl whom I saw earlier came nearer to me and suddenly a conversation begun:

The girl: pun die... Saya datang ni nak cari die ni la... Jenuh cari tak jumpa.. Kat sini rupanya.. Selalu ke bagi makan die ni?

Me: Ohh takde la selalu..kalau saye balik kerja, saya lalu sini, singgah la kejap..bagi die makan.. Err..nak bagi die makan jugak ke?

The girl: Oh saye datang nak bagi die mandi. Adik saye belajar sini. Die cerita kat saye pasal kucing ni.. Die kate kesian tengok kucing ni penuh kurab... Jadi saye datang la sini..dengan mak.. Siap bawak shampoo kucing semua nak bagi die mandi...

Me: Ohhhh ye ke... Ya Allah baiknye... Duduk mane?

The girl: Alahh takde hal lah.. Saye satu family memang suke kucing... Duduk KL je.. Saye dulu belajar sini jugak... Ermm teringin nak bawak die ni balik...tapi tula..dekat rumah pun dah banyak sangat kucing.... Tu yang datang nak bagi die mandi...sebab adik cakap kesian tengok die...

Me: Ohhh..memang kesian. (Then I started telling her about how ill was Mr Fluffy)

The girl: Oh ye ker... Sian die...You pun rajin bagi makan...

Me: Ohh takpe...Saye pun memang suke kucing... Lagipun kesian kat die ni...

Once we're done talking, Mr Fluffy had also done eating. Then, the girl took Mr Fluffy with her and off he went to be bathed by concern individuals like the girl and the mother. Me and the girl exchange thank yous and goodbyes. I said goodbye and thank you to the girl for bathing Mr Fluffy while the girl said goodbye and thanked me for giving Mr Fluffy some food.

The next day, I continued giving Mr Fluffy the wet food. This time he looked a bit cleaner. Though not very clean but still better than before. The girl and her mother had done a great and successful job in bathing him. The next few days, I continued giving him the wet food.

Until this one day, I came to the cafe, searched for him as usual, to give him food. But I couldn't find him. I searched everywhere..the cafe area, the mart area, the bank area..he was nowhere to be found. I had even asked the makcik cafe cleaner whether they had seen him. But they had not. (The makcik-makcik cleaner of the cafe are quite concern about the cats at the cafe. They don't hate the cats. They have even given them some food sometimes)

For several days after that, I still continued to search for him, but he seemed to be out of trace. Until now, I don't really know and I have no idea of what had actually happened to dear Mr Fluffy. At first, I thought, perhaps, he had been taken away during an ops tangkap kucing. But, come to think of it, that would be a bit impossible cause the other cats are still at the cafe. They still roam, eat and sleep happily at the cafe area. Usually, the ops would take away all of them., bak kata orang Melayu, hendak menyedapkan hati ini, I have this ideal thought that probably, Mr Fluffy has been taken away or adopted or saved by a kind person or concern people, just like the girl I mentioned earlier..probably. Hmm I don't really really know, but that's what I hope of him and I hope that it's true.

So to Chulakitty and Cipee and other people who are concern about Mr Fluffy, thank you for being concern:) And please, let's pray for the best. Let's pray for the best..


m.q said...

semoga ada org adopted mr fluffy
wadda great job u do dear
kep it up

Anonymous said...

harap2 ape yg awk ckp tu btullah..
smoge org yg sudi amek mr fluffy tu dpt mjage die dgn baik..n dpt bg kasih syg secukupnye...
baik sgguh hati die, sbb jage kucing yg x bp sempurna mcm mr fluffy..n moga2 makin ramai la insan2 kt lua sn yg sudi nk jage kucing2 yg tbiar..thx sbb update ye..

~ chulakitty ~

iela said...

Harap2 that girl la yang ambil dan jaga Mr Fluffy.

Fara; OfCatsAndKucing said...

to m.q,
thank u:) sy yakin org2 yg suke kucing mcm m.q dan org2 lain kt sini pun akn buat bende yg same:)

to chulakitty & iela,
tulah..hopefully mmg ade org yg ambik mr fluffy...dan moge lg ramai yg akn melakukan kebaikan kpd haiwan,terutama yg betul memerlukan bantuan dr manusia.

Anonymous said...

cipee: hi...thanks ye updated pasal mr fluffy...agak bz..x sempat nak bukak blog u n bc..apa2pon semoga ALLAH tmptkan dia kat tmpt yg baik dan bgus..

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