Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A cat and a lemur

In the name of Allah the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful.

Weird animal antics plus men's creativity will result in funny videos:)

Today I found a video of a cat which behaved as if it was seeing something very very shocking:

And also this video. A video of a lemur staring at something with its big eyes.

Then, someone creative combined both of the videos and they turn out to be this:

Hehe. Cute and funny:)

Monday, March 22, 2010


In the name of Allah the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful.

Dear friends and readers of whom I believe are not only cat lovers, but also animal lovers,

Have you guys read the latest news about a stray dog which "leg and neck [were] tied very tightly to [a] grill and a piece of wood had been shoved down inside its throat! The dog was bleeding and its feces were all around it. The string [that tied the dog] was attached to a pole in [a] KTM station"???(Quoted from M.Nisha's letter to Malaysiakini). You can view the pictures of the dog being tied to the poll and read the news here: Ghastly animal abuse at Kepong KTM station

This SICK CRUEL scene happened here, in our own country. Aghh! And I'm SO angry of such CRUELTY! And I believe MANY animal lovers and people out there who are against animal cruelty are also enraged of this scene!

Then, in this blog: Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better, you can view the statement written by KTMB on the issue. Okay, I appreciate the effort by KTMB in writing and explaining the matter to us, the public. However, personally, I'm still dissatisfied with some

Why on earth must you tied up the dog that way??!!! Perlu ke anjing itu diikat sampai macam tu sekali?? Entah diberi makan minum entah tidak sementara menunggu konon yang dikatakan akan ada pihak yang akan datang "mengutip" anjing tu??!!

So, the dog has caused harm to you have reported the matter to an authority that you know but they still fail to take any action about it. But still, can't you report this matter to a more responsible party who really knows how to handle the matter more humanely??? Have you ever heard of SPCA??

For God's sake,
out of humanity, do you really think what you did (tying the dog to the grill till it bleeded and let it suffered like that) will really really solve the problem??

And this sentence... "I am sure, all of us, when bitten by a mosquito, will hit it instantly without much thought..." : "Saya rasa semua orang, apabila digigit nyamuk, akan menampar nyamuk tersebut..." My Goodness! And you are comparing a DOG to a mosquito? You are drawing an analogy between a DOG and a MOSQUITO???? Seriously?? What sort of childish and also ignorant analogy or comparison is that??

Aghh! I'm so angry that I think I should stop writing here. Cause otherwise, I may go on and on and on with my mumbling and frustration and rage on the matter.

p.s: Teringat kritikan seseorang terhadap "orang kita"; minda dan pembangunan kelas pertama, tapi akhlak dan adab malah akidah masih kelas ke-sepuluh!! Dan di bawah ini, buktinya..

Picture of the tied up poor stray dog, taken from Malaysiakini.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Si Juling

In the name of Allah the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful.

Salam and greetings everyone.

The picture above is a picture of one of the stray cats at HS (Human Science) Cafe, one of the cafes at my university which is located at the central. Me and my friend call the cute fellow Si Juling;p Why? Simply because she is indeed "juling" (squint-eyed) ;p Don't believe me? Look closer...

We'll zoom in even closer..... Can you see that?

The cute thing is, her squint eyes even add to her adorableness ;p Oh sooo cute!!;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Prinny the swimming cat"

In the name of Allah the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful.

Salam and greetings all!

I'm currently working on a different piece of writing for this blog. Then I stumbled upon the video below from YouTube. Kiutttt sangat!!!;p So I decide to post and link this video first, before I put up the actual piece that I'm working on. As a simple entertainment for all, let's just enjoy the cuteness of Prinny the swimming cat, swimming in the pool, shall we?;p Hehe. Enjoy viewing!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mr Fluffy: Upon Request

In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful.

I believe I owe one worthy update and story to several concern and caring people like Chulakitty and Cipee. They would like to know what has happened to Mr.Fluffy. If you don't know Mr.Fluffy, then you can read about him here. Sorry ya people, cause it took me quite awhile to write an update on Mr.Fluffy. So today, I'm going to write what has happened to Mr.Fluffy.

Now, after my first encounter with Mr.Fluffy that day, I still went to visit him at the HS cafe. I would stop at the cafe right after work and bought him something to eat. I did this few times.

Then one day, I thought I should buy him the wet food for cat. Since he had problems with chewing food, giving him the Whiskas wet food in the packet would help. So that evening, I went outside to buy the Whiskas wet food. I remember I bought not just one or two or three packets. But I bought five!

Once I was done with that, I went straight to the cafe and searched for him to give him the food. I searched and searched and searched. But I couldn't find him at the cafe area. Then I went to a different area which is the mart area. Then I saw him. There he was hiding under the car of the mart owner. I coaxed him to come out. As I was trying to coax him, I saw one girl who's about my age, was searching for something as well. She looked under the tables, behind the pillars. I didn't really pay full attention to her and what she was doing. At the same time, Mr Fluffy got nearer to me and managed to get out of his hiding place. Then I carry him to a safer place for me to give him the wet food.

As I was looking at Mr Fluffy which was happily eating the wet food, the girl whom I saw earlier came nearer to me and suddenly a conversation begun:

The girl: pun die... Saya datang ni nak cari die ni la... Jenuh cari tak jumpa.. Kat sini rupanya.. Selalu ke bagi makan die ni?

Me: Ohh takde la selalu..kalau saye balik kerja, saya lalu sini, singgah la kejap..bagi die makan.. Err..nak bagi die makan jugak ke?

The girl: Oh saye datang nak bagi die mandi. Adik saye belajar sini. Die cerita kat saye pasal kucing ni.. Die kate kesian tengok kucing ni penuh kurab... Jadi saye datang la sini..dengan mak.. Siap bawak shampoo kucing semua nak bagi die mandi...

Me: Ohhhh ye ke... Ya Allah baiknye... Duduk mane?

The girl: Alahh takde hal lah.. Saye satu family memang suke kucing... Duduk KL je.. Saye dulu belajar sini jugak... Ermm teringin nak bawak die ni balik...tapi tula..dekat rumah pun dah banyak sangat kucing.... Tu yang datang nak bagi die mandi...sebab adik cakap kesian tengok die...

Me: Ohhh..memang kesian. (Then I started telling her about how ill was Mr Fluffy)

The girl: Oh ye ker... Sian die...You pun rajin bagi makan...

Me: Ohh takpe...Saye pun memang suke kucing... Lagipun kesian kat die ni...

Once we're done talking, Mr Fluffy had also done eating. Then, the girl took Mr Fluffy with her and off he went to be bathed by concern individuals like the girl and the mother. Me and the girl exchange thank yous and goodbyes. I said goodbye and thank you to the girl for bathing Mr Fluffy while the girl said goodbye and thanked me for giving Mr Fluffy some food.

The next day, I continued giving Mr Fluffy the wet food. This time he looked a bit cleaner. Though not very clean but still better than before. The girl and her mother had done a great and successful job in bathing him. The next few days, I continued giving him the wet food.

Until this one day, I came to the cafe, searched for him as usual, to give him food. But I couldn't find him. I searched everywhere..the cafe area, the mart area, the bank area..he was nowhere to be found. I had even asked the makcik cafe cleaner whether they had seen him. But they had not. (The makcik-makcik cleaner of the cafe are quite concern about the cats at the cafe. They don't hate the cats. They have even given them some food sometimes)

For several days after that, I still continued to search for him, but he seemed to be out of trace. Until now, I don't really know and I have no idea of what had actually happened to dear Mr Fluffy. At first, I thought, perhaps, he had been taken away during an ops tangkap kucing. But, come to think of it, that would be a bit impossible cause the other cats are still at the cafe. They still roam, eat and sleep happily at the cafe area. Usually, the ops would take away all of them., bak kata orang Melayu, hendak menyedapkan hati ini, I have this ideal thought that probably, Mr Fluffy has been taken away or adopted or saved by a kind person or concern people, just like the girl I mentioned earlier..probably. Hmm I don't really really know, but that's what I hope of him and I hope that it's true.

So to Chulakitty and Cipee and other people who are concern about Mr Fluffy, thank you for being concern:) And please, let's pray for the best. Let's pray for the best..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cats for adoption, for FREE!

In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful

Adopt dogs and cats at PetFinder

[You may click the Petfinder box above to know the earlier details and sort of background and chronology of Mega and her kittens adoption process]

Assalamualaikum & Selamat pagi semua! Saya masih mencari sesiapa yang mahukan tiga kucing sekali (Mega+Kimba+Ivan) ataupun Mega shj.

I'm still seeking anybody out there who would like to adopt either all three together (Mega+Kimba+Ivan) or Mega alone. If you adopt all three, you can neuter Mega if you don't want her to deliver more babies. At least she has two children to share her love with. This is the thing about me, I'm a catlover who's abit concern about the instinct of a mother cat and the bonding between the mother and the kittens.

Saya ni ialah penggemar kucing yang agak mengambil berat sikit faktor "instinct of a mother cat" ni sebab saya masih teringatkan kisah ini. Saya rasa tak sampai hati nak pisahkan Mega dari anak-anaknya terutama sekali bila ini adalah batch anaknya yang pertama. Walaupun kucing lama-lama akan lupakan anak, tapi saya juga tahu yang kucing akan masih ada natural bonding tersendiri kalau mereka dari keluarga atau ibu yang sama. Itu sebab selalunya, bila saya nak adopt mak kucing, saya akan ambil anaknya sekali. Ini akan melahirkan environment yang lebih sihat untuk anak kucing dan ibu kucing, dan suasana yang lebih meriah dalam keluarga.

Jadi, saya harap, ada yang sudi nak ambil Mega+Kimba+Ivan (tiga sekali) atau kalau tak dapat juga tiga sekali, Mega sahaja pun takpelah..

Ciri-ciri Mega+Kimba+Ivan:

-has not probably reached 1 year old cause this is her first time being a mother.
-a tortoiseshell-white cat. Warna dan corak bulunya unik dan tersusun sangat cantik. The patterns and the color of her fur are unique.
-a very concern mother. Ibu yang sangat menagmbil berat akan anak-anaknya. Sanggup tak makan asalkan anak makan.
-a well-behaved or sopan santun cat.

-1 month ++
-very active and really really like to play or "wrestle" with their mother. Sangat suka main dengan ibu diorg, terutama sekali suka main kejar ekor ibu diorg dan main "gusti";)
-dua-dua ekor sangat comel dan unik. Both are cute and unique.

Oleh itu, ada tak sesiapa yang baik hati di luar sana nak adopt mereka bertiga? Atau boleh tolong carikan sesiapa yang nak adopt mereka dengan penuh kasih sayang? InsyaAllah they will be good housecats. Please...



Alhamdulillah..Praise be to God..I have finally managed to find kind people to adopt the whole family:) InsyaAllah..

Mega - will be adopted by Mr Amir, who has also "booked" Doo Joon. So, Doo Joon will be with Mega, the loving mother:) Alhamdulillah. Mega may not have the chance to be together with all four of her kittens, but at least she has Doo Joon to pour her love and attention:) and at least the other three kittens will be taken under the caring and guardian of other good-hearted fosterers:)

Kimba & Ivan-She - several people smsed and called me asking if they could just adopt only the two of them without the mother or either just one of them. But, since Mega will be adopted by Mr Amir, therefore, Kimba & Ivan-She can be adopted together. And since according to the people in the waiting list or queue, Miss Dora was the one who called me first, therefore I believe it is appropriate for me to agree to give away Kimba together with Ivan-She, to Miss Dora.

To the rest of the kind-hearted people who smsed me or called me after Ms Dora,or who didn't manage to adopt either of the kittens, I'm so sorry... But I believe, this means that you are meant to share your love with other cats out there who are always waiting to be loved and taken care of by kind souls like you guys:)

Alhamdulillah..Everything went well.:)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bila Burtuqal Menulis

"Assalamualaikum.. Cubaan 1,2,3.


Hai! Nama saya Burtuqal! (ala ala gaya "Nama saya Rainnn!":p)

Saya mengambil alih tugas menaip entry baru blog "Of Cats and Kucing" kali ini kerana tuan blog ini sekarang tak ada di dalam bilik dan sedang sibuk buat kerja lain. Membasuh kain agaknya di bilik air tu. Saya pun menyelinap masuk ke dalam biliknya PG 3.*3 untuk menggunakan laptop yang sudah sedia terpasang ini. Oleh itu, di kesempatan ini, saya ingin bercerita kepada semua tentang tragedi yang menimpa saya bulan lepas....huhu...

Oh, sebelum itu, ada pembaca yang tertanya-tanya maksud dan asal-usul nama saya..? Ha.. nama "Burtuqal" itu telah diberi oleh pelajar-pelajar PEREMPUAN  di asrama blok PG, Kolej Safiyyah ini. Apa maksud "Burtuqal"? Ha..."burtuqal" adalah perkataan Arab yang membawa maksud "oren". Heh. Saya suka nama ini. It makes me feel macho and look macho:p Hehe. Oh! I can also speak in English you know... How come? Ha...saya ni kucing yang tinggal di universiti... Dan saya selalu melepak di blok post-graduate pulak tu. Mesti la saya kene jadi pandai macam budak universiti juga...:p Ada juga pelajar yang bercakap dengan saya dalam bahasa Arab tau.. haha..jangan main-main.. bahasa Arab pun saya faham tau...;p Bahasa asing lain pun ada juga saya dengar..tapi saya faham sikit sikit saja la..

Ok..going back to my story about the tragedy that happened to me last month. Huhu. Mari saya perkenalkan dengan watak utama kisah  tragedi ini, iaitu musuh ketat abadi saya i.e my arch enemy, Bayat:


 Huh! Posing konon hensem! Tak sedar diri yang saya lagi hensem dari Bayat! Betul tak saya lagi hensem? Cepat..! Siapa sokong saya lagi hensem, sila angkat tangan..;p

Err..apa maksud Bayat? Entahlah. Yang penting nama saya lagi sedap dari nama dia. Huh! Walaupun Bayat ni kononnya ada iras iras muka saya (ermm entah entah dia anak saya, hasil "rumahtangga" saya dengan isteri yang ke-15;p), tapi saya sangat BENCI dengan Bayat!! Ishh! Benci! Tak usah katakan batang hidung... bau dia pun saya menyampah kalau terhidu! Pendek kata, saya sangat bencikan Bayat.

Pada suatu hari sedang saya berjalan-jalan ke level 3, hendak pergi ke bilik tuan punya blog ini, kakak Fara, untuk menjamah makanan, tiba-tiba saya terdengar suara Bayat...mengiau-ngiau penuh kegedikan dari level 3 juga. Huh! Hati saya mula rasa geram! Benci saya mula rasa membuak-membuak! Saya jalan ke depan lagi dan saya lihat, Bayat sedang berada di depan bilik kakak Fara, sedang beristirehat di penghadang koridor sambil merenung ke atas dan bawah. 

Hish! Mesti tengah cuba nak tarik simpati dan perhatian orang la tu! Konon dia hensem dan baik! Konon tengah merenung masa depan yang cerah la tu! Hish!! Saya tak tahan! Saya tak tahan! Saya geram!! Saya hendap dia senyap senyap. Dia tak perasan! Saya geram nak pukul dia!! "Siap kau Bayat!! Aku akan kerjakan kau!! Siap kau!". Saya pun melompat ke penghadang koridor itu! Bayat terperanjat bila nampak saya! Saya lepaskan geram saya! Saya pukul dan tolak Bayat!! "Nah!! Ambik kau Bayat!! Dushhh!!". Bayat tak sempat mengelak pukulan hikmat saya. Dia juga tak sempat nak selamatkan dirinya!!...Lalu jatuh tanah! Muahahaha! Saya puas hati...............

TAPI MALANGNYA...... Saya, yang tidak bersedia dengan sebarang defense back-up plan...saya, yang terlalu mengikutkan geram pada Bayat...saya, yang telah berjaya memukul dan menolak Bayat jatuh ke tanah dari level 3...... Huhu...Malangnya saya juga turut terjatuh bersama dengan Bayat ke bawah, kerana saya tak sempat berpaut dengan apa-apa.... GEDEBUK!!! Saya jatuh....huhuhu

Selepas tersedar yang kami berdua telah sama-sama jatuh, kami cuba bangun perlahan-lahan. Saya nampak Bayat sedang cuba bangun dan hendak melarikan diri. Saya juga cuba bangun. "I...Must...Walk...And...Runaway...From here.. Malu doh...Macho macam ni....tapi jatuh...", bisik hati kecil saya. ;p Tapi terasa sangat sangat sakit di kaki belakang sebelah kanan. Oh sakitnya! Bertambah sakit, bila saya cuba berjalan. Baru saya sedar, rupanya kaki kanan belakang saya seperti bengkak dan tak boleh berfungsi. Ohh...sedihnya. Disebabkan terlalu sedih, saya terus bangun dan pergi dari situ...menuju ke sebuat hutan kecil di tepi blok PG ini...membawa hati yang lara. Huhu. 

Selepas kejadian itu, untuk beberapa lama, saya rasa sedih dan kaki sangat sakit. Adooiii. Semangat saya luntur. I felt helpless and weak. Apa jadi dengan Bayat? Huh. Saya dengar kakak Fara bercerita dengan kawan-kawannya yang lain, Bayat hanya luka luka di kaki. Huhu..lagi saya sakit hati. Adoooii..

Tapi, mujurlah masih ada yang baik hati memberi saya makan dan semangat untuk terus berjalan dan teruskan hidup. Huhu... terima kasih kepada kakak-kakak di blok PG ini. Walaupun mereka agak menyampah dengan saya sebab saya selalu buat bising di blok mereka, tapi saya tetap diberikan kasih sayang dan makanan yang secukupnya. Ramai yang bersimpati dengan saya. Kaki saya masih sakit. Saya berjalan tempang satu kaki belakang. Tapi masih boleh bergerak. Dan hari demi hari, saya bertambah pulih. Kaki belakang saya, sudah boleh digunakan untuk berjalan. Ia tak sesempurna dulu. Saya masih jalan terhenjut-henjut, tapi syukurlah kurang kurang, sudah boleh berjalan.

Dan sekarang, saya rasa sudah banyak pulih dan telah kembali bersemangat. Apa perasaan saya pada Bayat? Huh. Dendam saya pada Bayat takkan saya lupa! Kerana dia lah saya jadi begini! Huh! Siap kau Bayat! Kali ini, saya akan pastikan yang saya akan menyusun strategi bernas terlebih dahulu, sebelum bertindak dan menyerang Bayat! Hmmp!!

 Itulah kisah tragedi yang menimpa diri saya. Sedih tak? Huhu..sedih tau. 
Baiklah, setakat ini sajalah entry untuk kali ini. Saya kena berhenti cepat ni. Tuan blog ni dah nak habis buat kerja dia. Semoga kita berjumpa lagi. Sekian. Bye! >0< "

Yang Benar Macho,

 *     *     *

Selang beberapa minit kemudian, tuan blog masuk semula ke dalam biliknya P.G 3.*3 dan terkejut mendapati Burtuqal berada di dalam bilik. Dia terus menyapa, "Ultuqaaall!!! Ape ye buat tu? Hish! Ape ye buat masuk bilik akak nih? Ye buat ape duduk kat laptop nih..? Sudah sudah...Gi keluar... Makan kat luar.....Haishh..".
"Ngeoooowwwwww.......", jawab Burtuqal, as if he has done nothing wrong ;p


P.S: Ye, tuan blog ini suka berimaginasi;p

P.P.S: Kejadian Burtuqal menolak Bayat jatuh dari level 3 memang berlaku, bukan imaginasi. Dan kejadian kaki Burtuqal sakit dan kelihatan seperti patah juga memang benar berlaku, bukan imaginasi. Sekian.

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