Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Above, are the pictures of Mummy Manira and her two kittens.
The story behind these pictures is this..

One morning, I was on my way to go to class..or was it work..err tak kisah lah;p
Then, when I was walking towards the stairs, I saw a carpet was hung along this one small part of the corridor. The carpet belongs to my neighbour. Dia jemur dekat luar bilik dekat koridor. Then, as I got nearer to the carpet, I saw cute small little paws and tails below this carpet. I quickly snap pictures of them. Mula-mual nampak kaki. Lepas dah angkat karpet tu.. Peekaboo! There you have it..! Mummy Manira hiding below the carpet..Hehe..kiut!
Haha..Mummy Manira jadikan karpet ini tempat berehat bersama anak-anak;p

Anyway, these pictures were taken long long time ago...ermm 1 year ago I think.
Now Mummy Manira and her kittens are already under the guardian of my friend Nadd, who happily took all of them to live with her family in Perlis:) They all live in peace and harmony:)


Qisha said...

alala..cumelnya mereka ini..geram..

sI tEDI said...

dulu ada 3 ekor kucen oren.. 2 org dah adopt

lupie said...

So adorable!

Fara; OfCatsAndKucing said...

to Qisha and lupie,
hehe..memang diorang ni adorable buat kite rase geram:)

to si tedi,
skrg ni tgh musim kucing oren ke eh? hehe..mane mane pegi mesti wajib nampak kucing oren;p

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