Saturday, February 6, 2010

Of internet and technology

Dear readers,
I've been having problems with my "Followers" widget or function or setting or what ever people call it. Heh. When ever I log in to blogger by using my laptop, which uses Celcom internet broadband, I can't seem to view or see my "Followers". I realize that the number of Followers of this blog is increasing (Thank you so much! I really really appreciate this=). But the problem is, I won't be able to view who are these wonderful Followers and I cannot know any updates about them in their blogs, unless I log in using  the PC at the post-grad computer lab, or at the CC. And unfortunately, I don't go to the lab or CC every day. I will only go to the post-grad lab, once a week to download articles or journals. Huhu...

I've tried to solve this problem by googling about it. There is a mentioning of I need to clear my cache, my cookies and my surfing history, I've tried doing all of those but to no avail. Still, I can't view my Followers. Not just that, I cannot view Followers of other blogs and sites with Adsense or Nuffnag as well. Hmmm..tak tahu lah kenapa. At first I thought that this problem has to do with the setting of my laptop only...cause when I connect my laptop to the LAN connection at the computer lab, I could not view my Followers. But, actually it has also to do with Celcom network...cause I've asked my junior, who's also using Celcom broadband, to view my Followers, and it was found that he also could not view my Followers or other people's Followers. I don't think the problem has to do with Blogger. Previously, I have no problems viewing my Followers or Adsense. I have no idea why does this problem occur now.

I think I need to really consult someone who's expert in the field of blogging, internet or networking to solve this problem. For that, I have to wait cause I have other more important things to attend to at the moment. Therefore, while this problem is still unsolved, I have come out with a simple solution for me to know the updates of this blog's Followers...I came out with a link list called "Followers Updates". At least, my dear Followers, when ever I don't go to the computer lab, I can know your blog updates, from this link list:) For now, I have not completely linked all of the blogs, but will do it sooner. And for the rest who are not yet the Followers of this blog and you intend to be one, you are most welcomed!:) The problem I'm facing with the Followers widget is not permanent, insyaAllah.

Gambar hiasan: Cindy was sleeping behind the screen of my laptop:)

That's all for today's babbling...Have a great weekend everybody!:)


Qisha said...

cindy tak panas ke?tarik kaki kang

Fara; OfCatsAndKucing said...

to Qisha,
haha! cindy ni mmg..mengade sikit..bukan kire panas tak panas;p suke2 hati die je "sangkut" kaki die mcm tu kt screen laptop tu;p

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