Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Mega" Project - Cat Adoption

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum and greetings everyone!

Yes, my internet connection has been reactivated. Terima kasih kepada Celcom, sumber escapism ku yang paling utama:)

Now, for today's entry, I want to tell you guys about my own personal cat adoption project which I named "Mega" Project! Jeng Jeng Jeng!! :p

About "Mega" Project.

Why is it named as "Mega"? Hehe..It's simply because I'm in the mission of trying to seek anybody, any cat lovers, any good family, any great people out there who would like to adopt a mummy cat named Mega..or perhaps to adopt her babies;) Ada tak yang sudi? He.

Below, is the picture of Mega. Aww....Isn't she adorable..?

Now, do you still remember Maggi? Hehe. Mega came to my hostel block few days after Maggi's death. So, my cat lover friends of this block named her Mega, because she resembles Maggi. And on the 27th January 2010, Mega has given birth to FOUR cute kittens. And this is her first time being a mother.

As of today, the kittens are nearly one month old. I haven't named them cause I don't want to feel too attached. Huhu. One thing for sure is, they are so cute, cuddly and adorable. However, I'm a bit worried about the future of these kittens and their mother. The worries have to do with the fact that we are staying in a hostel. If you think that cats are safe to be put in hostel blocks, think again cause it ain't 100% true here, in IIUM or UIA.

Some of the troubles that may occur here are firstly, if somebody (usually the cat haters) makes a report to the office that they dislike the existence of these cats in the hostel block, the office can and may take action such as taking the cats and sending them away to unknown places. Mungkin dihantar ke kawasan perumahan, atau ke pasar pasar..entahlah. Huhu..kesian.

Secondly, it is actually an offense for a student to keep pets in the hostel and fines can be imposed to those who keep pets. So, if the office gets to know that me and few of my friends are feeding and giving careful care and attention to these cats, we may be fined (Haha. Saya dah pernah kena pun masa degree dulu:p)

Thirdly, every now and then, there will be "Ops tangkap kucing" here. There will be people who are assigned to capture these cats and then they will be sent to somewhere unknown. Ops ini akan dilakukan sekurangnya sekali dalam satu semester. Tujuan Ops ini, untuk mengurangkan jumlah kucing terbiar di UIA ni kot. Entahlah. The cats which already knew how to escape and hide themselves during the Ops, like Abu, Koko and Bunny, they are very fortunate. But for those which do not know how save themselves, would have to succumb to the capturing and be away from the convenient of living in this peaceful environment forever. Huhu..kesian.

So, due to these worries, I believe I need to find anybody out there who would like to adopt these furry munchkins... So, here comes the promotion part:


If you do, then here are some conditions that you need to know before the adoption.

1) There are two packages for this adoption process. (Wah! Ada pakej tu tak tahan. Hehe. Oh, bukan apa, saya buat pakej begini untuk beberapa tujuan yang penting. I'll explain them one by one after this)

Pakej 1:
You can adopt the whole family (Mega and her four Munchkins). If you choose this package then you have really really alleviate all my worries.

Pakej 2:
If let's say, you don't want to adopt the whole family, and you just want the munchkins, then the second package will only allow you to adopt two of the munchkins (one male and one female).

Why? The reason being is this. If you want to adopt all four of the kittens, then Mega will be left ALONE in this place cause I'll be sending her to be neutered later. She has nobody else but the kittens. She is one soft cat and she is sometimes being bullied by other cats (especially Bunny and Koko:p) when all she wanted was to play with them. So, if she has at least two of her kittens still staying with her here, at least she will have the two kittens to accompany her throughout her life here. Okay, I know the cat fact that eventually the mother will hate and fight with her adult children, but before that time comes, at least the bonding will still exist between Mega and the children. At least she can play with them. (Just like Bunny and Koko. They are siblings and though sometimes they do fight with each other, they do still sleep, cuddle and play with each other sometimes).

So, if you choose package 2, you can choose either to adopt:

This Kimba or Leo, the white lion lookalike munchkin.

Or this tortoiseshell munchkin

Or this orange-white munchkin.

EXCEPT this stripey munchkin. This one, will not be given away.
Why? Simply because it's confirmed that this is a male munchkin and to avoid any future worries,
a male kid is preferred to stay with Mega here, in this hostel block.

2) The second condition is if you want to adopt them, I'm hoping for you to come to UIA, to my college hostel to take them. Heh..sorry.. but I don't have the facility such as a cat carrier to bring them to other places. Heh...saya ini pelajar hostel yang tegar;p

3) Thirdly, I'm giving them away FOR FREE!! The only thing I hope is these kittens (or probably with the mother) will be showered with love and attention that they need when they are under other people's guardian.

That's it. Only three conditions. Next, I'll be telling you guys some information or details about Mega and these kiddos.

About Mega and her kittens

Mega has a beautiful fur pattern. Some call such pattern a tortoiseshell and some call it a calico. I'm not really really sure which is the correct one, but I think, Mega is a tortoiseshell-and-white cat.

Mega is a first time mother. She cares about her children so much but I can see that she still doesn't know few integral knowledge of being a mother cat. For example, she doesn't move her kittens to different places, I have never seen her carry the kittens with her mouth and she is a bit dependent on me i.e human when it comes to moving the kittens to safer places. She is not like Maggi who was very very independent. She's a good well-behaved mummy cat who licks the kids, guards them and plays with them every day. But she seems to be a bit clueless when it comes to moving the kids to safer, bigger and new place. All the more reasons why I hope that Mega would be adopted and loved by caring people in a more comfortable place. But if no one wants to adopt her, I have decided to neuter her, just like Bunny and Koko. That's why I plan for two of her kittens to be left with Mega.

As for the kittens, in the pictures above, they seem to be a bit too fragile. But wait till you see this video:

Hahah! Mereka ini agak ganaz juga ya.. Main sesama sendiri macam bergusti pulak;p Hehe...tapi kiutt...

Ok, so that's it. In simple words, I just want to ask,

"Ada sesiapa tak yang mahu atau sudi membela mak kucing bernama Mega dan anak-anaknya ini??"

"Is there anybody who's interested to adopt these furry mummy cat and her kittens??"

If there is someone out there who would really like to adopt them, you may leave your message in the comment section below and I'll response to you as soon as possible. Or if you happen to have friends who are interested, you can ask them to come and visit and have a look at Mummy Mega and her kitts here in this blog.

So, that's all for today. In case, no one wants to adopt them, then there will be a second "Mega" project! ...a project to neuter them. Hmm! ;) To end this entry, let's hear what Mega and her children have to say or their opinions about this adoption project:

Mega: "Errrrr...could you ask my opinion later... At the moment, I'm a bit busy wrestling with my kids...
I'll give my opinion right after I've put my children to sleep.. Can..?"

Munchkins: "We no have opinyion. We want milk. Mummy sed we no talk to stangers";p

Hahaha. Okay, good night everybody and have a good rest!:)


shaf lina said...

u i think better kena tgu depa besar dulu kalau tak nanti depa boleh died coz tak dapat mak dia punya susu.

Fara; OfCatsAndKucing said...

to shaf lina,
heh tau tau..tq bgtau.
mmg cdg nak bg kt org bile diorg dah 2 months gitu...dalam bulan 3 nnti. tapi promote awal2 dr skrg..sbb, kalo admin hostel or jiran2 cat haters yg dtg "serang" sy tanye kenape sy bela kucing kt level 3 ni, at least sy boleh bg alasan yg sy tgh tunggu org adopt depa ni.

nak tau tak, semalam, my jiran yg cat haters dah bagi first warning dah..suh sy letak kucing tu tempat lain. jiran foreigner..mmg selalu mcm tu..ish nyusah btol:p bukannye sy tak nak letak diorg kt level bwh, tapi takut nnti hostel admin i.e ofis or cat haters lain nmpk, diorg boleh bile2 mase je report kt ofis suh ofis "campak" ke mane2. Lg satu, lately, ade anjing suke masuk my blok..tu pun satu lg masalah. hai..macam2;p

hopefully ade org nak adopt...

shaf lina said...

teruk betul u duk mana ek.i ada 11 cat.kalau dekat i nak la jugak yg yellow tuh

shaf lina said...

lagi 1 u i rasa baik letak kat petfinder cepat k

umi_e said...


kat tempat fara ada RSPCA tak? in case tak ada org nak, hantar ke situ je lah kot...

* sampai hati sungguh org yg nak membuang ibu/anak2 kucing kat pasar2 etc...

Ery Farieha said...

shomel !

Fara; OfCatsAndKucing said...

to shaflina,
hehe. i dok kt hostel uia. nnti i try letak kt petfinder. baru je daftar. tq eh!

to umi_e,
ade..kt ampang. tp nak try dulu tanye kot ade sape yg nak, sblm hantar kt spca.

to ery fariha,
hehe..mmg 'shomel'!:)

Philippe said...

Hi my name is Philippe.Im stayin in ampang and im intrested to have pakej 1 which is have all the kittens and mummy.Please email me at thanks and hope to hear from you soon.If can ,can you please send it to ampang at anywhere and i'll come fetch it.Im a very serious dealer.thanks again.

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