Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Mega" Project - Cat Adoption

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum and greetings everyone!

Yes, my internet connection has been reactivated. Terima kasih kepada Celcom, sumber escapism ku yang paling utama:)

Now, for today's entry, I want to tell you guys about my own personal cat adoption project which I named "Mega" Project! Jeng Jeng Jeng!! :p

About "Mega" Project.

Why is it named as "Mega"? Hehe..It's simply because I'm in the mission of trying to seek anybody, any cat lovers, any good family, any great people out there who would like to adopt a mummy cat named Mega..or perhaps to adopt her babies;) Ada tak yang sudi? He.

Below, is the picture of Mega. Aww....Isn't she adorable..?

Now, do you still remember Maggi? Hehe. Mega came to my hostel block few days after Maggi's death. So, my cat lover friends of this block named her Mega, because she resembles Maggi. And on the 27th January 2010, Mega has given birth to FOUR cute kittens. And this is her first time being a mother.

As of today, the kittens are nearly one month old. I haven't named them cause I don't want to feel too attached. Huhu. One thing for sure is, they are so cute, cuddly and adorable. However, I'm a bit worried about the future of these kittens and their mother. The worries have to do with the fact that we are staying in a hostel. If you think that cats are safe to be put in hostel blocks, think again cause it ain't 100% true here, in IIUM or UIA.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Assalamualaikum and hello peeps, friends and catlovers:)

This will be a quick update from me.
Maaf kerana lambat reply responses di chatbox dan sudah lama tak update blog (Ermm..baru 7 hari, kire dah lame la tu kan? He;p) Ini semuanya adalah gara-gara saya lambat membayar bill broadband:p Ini pun, terpaksa menggunakan pc di PG lab. So, malam ni baru nak pergi bayar, seperti biasa, lagi tiga hari baru boleh reactivate. Huhu..seksa nak tunggu 3 hari:p

Anyways, actually, I have new stories about cats to tell, more pictures to upload and more cat cuteness to share with you guys. So, all those will have to wait until my broadband line is reactivated.

To those who are new and who have just recently found this blog, I welcome you guys to this humble blog and I hope you will come and visit US again!:)

That's all for now I guess..Well, I did say it's a quick one kann.. So, see you guys again in three days time ya!;)InsyaAllah..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Painfully Cute!

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

It's already Friday and I'm still wrapped in my pensive mood when it comes to face the reality of life. Oh life and the reality..why must they be so hard and tough on me... (Sigh...)

Oh however, so far, I'm never in pensive mood to update this blog and to put up cute pics and heartwarming news about cats around me. For the time being, this hobby is one of the things left of me that help to keep me sane:p

Anyway, before everybody heads off for longer days of rest this weekend, I would like to entertain you guys with these pictures and a bit of a story behind them.

Okay everybody...below is the picture of Bunny. Bunny is one of the daughters of Maggi. My catlover friends at the hostel named her Bunny because according to them she looks like a rabbit..heh.

Anyway, one night, as I was walking along the corridor of level 3 of my hostel block, on my way to the mart, I saw Bunny in such condition....

It seemed that Bunny was sticking her head out of this one small hole which actually is one part of the decoration for the corridor (alaa...kan kalau tepi koridor asrama, kadang ada penhadang koridor yang ada pattern lubang-lubang tu kann..). I didn't know how it happened. But I assumed it has to do with her curiosity, eager to look down and wanting to know the view form level 3, I guess:)

At first, I thought that she knew how to free herself from the hole. But as I approached her, it's confirmed...She is STUCK!!

Hehehe. Dia dah tersumbat dalam lubang tu dan tak tahu macam mana nak memboloskan diri. Kelakar sangat sebenarnya;p When she realized that I was behind her, she started meowing..I guess she's asking for help..
"Please...release me..please...";p

Mula-mula, saya pun tak tahu nak buat macam mana. Cuba tarik dia keluar. Tapi takut dia sakit. Heh..takkan nak tolak dia keluar..terus terjun dari tingkat 3 ni nanti, lain pula jadinya. Saya cuba untuk capai bahagian kepala dia, tapi saya tak sampai, sebab penghadang koridor tu agak tinggi dan saya ni rendah saja. Akhirnya, saya dah tak tahu nak buat macam mana, saya ambil selipar saya dan tepuk-tepuk kepala Bunny supaya dia boleh undurkan badan dia ke belakang dan ke belakang dan ke belakang. Dan akhirnya...dia berjaya mengundurkan diri dia kebelakang sebab saya tepuk-tepuk kepala dia..Heh. tapi tak tepuk kuat-kuat.. Di bawah ialah gambar Bunny yang sedang panik dan cuba menenangkan diri:)


Oh but, all those pictures and the story were last year's... Now, Bunny is no more that careless, over-curious, reckless little kitten. She is already 1 year old plus plus and she is now a more cautious lady cat. She is one clean freak cat which likes to lick and clean herself every 30 minutes. Betul tak tipu. As a result, her fur turns out to be very very soft and clean-looking.

And now, she is no more that panic, overly curious little kitten.. She is still cute, still curious..but this time it's curiosity with cautious. She has turned into a beautiful lady cat which is very happy with her life and her surroundings and which is very happy because she knows that many catlovers adore her. Heh.. Who would've guessed that Bunny, which was once a careless kitten, could turn out to be this pretty...and this huggable:)

With that, I end this entry by wishing every Malaysian Chinese out there, "Happy Chinese New Year" and to the rest, I wish you all "Have a great weekend!" (.... though I know that I myself will still be in pensive mood this weekend..hmmm..)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Above, are the pictures of Mummy Manira and her two kittens.
The story behind these pictures is this..

One morning, I was on my way to go to class..or was it work..err tak kisah lah;p
Then, when I was walking towards the stairs, I saw a carpet was hung along this one small part of the corridor. The carpet belongs to my neighbour. Dia jemur dekat luar bilik dekat koridor. Then, as I got nearer to the carpet, I saw cute small little paws and tails below this carpet. I quickly snap pictures of them. Mula-mual nampak kaki. Lepas dah angkat karpet tu.. Peekaboo! There you have it..! Mummy Manira hiding below the carpet..Hehe..kiut!
Haha..Mummy Manira jadikan karpet ini tempat berehat bersama anak-anak;p

Anyway, these pictures were taken long long time ago...ermm 1 year ago I think.
Now Mummy Manira and her kittens are already under the guardian of my friend Nadd, who happily took all of them to live with her family in Perlis:) They all live in peace and harmony:)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Of internet and technology

Dear readers,
I've been having problems with my "Followers" widget or function or setting or what ever people call it. Heh. When ever I log in to blogger by using my laptop, which uses Celcom internet broadband, I can't seem to view or see my "Followers". I realize that the number of Followers of this blog is increasing (Thank you so much! I really really appreciate this=). But the problem is, I won't be able to view who are these wonderful Followers and I cannot know any updates about them in their blogs, unless I log in using  the PC at the post-grad computer lab, or at the CC. And unfortunately, I don't go to the lab or CC every day. I will only go to the post-grad lab, once a week to download articles or journals. Huhu...

I've tried to solve this problem by googling about it. There is a mentioning of I need to clear my cache, my cookies and my surfing history, I've tried doing all of those but to no avail. Still, I can't view my Followers. Not just that, I cannot view Followers of other blogs and sites with Adsense or Nuffnag as well. Hmmm..tak tahu lah kenapa. At first I thought that this problem has to do with the setting of my laptop only...cause when I connect my laptop to the LAN connection at the computer lab, I could not view my Followers. But, actually it has also to do with Celcom network...cause I've asked my junior, who's also using Celcom broadband, to view my Followers, and it was found that he also could not view my Followers or other people's Followers. I don't think the problem has to do with Blogger. Previously, I have no problems viewing my Followers or Adsense. I have no idea why does this problem occur now.

I think I need to really consult someone who's expert in the field of blogging, internet or networking to solve this problem. For that, I have to wait cause I have other more important things to attend to at the moment. Therefore, while this problem is still unsolved, I have come out with a simple solution for me to know the updates of this blog's Followers...I came out with a link list called "Followers Updates". At least, my dear Followers, when ever I don't go to the computer lab, I can know your blog updates, from this link list:) For now, I have not completely linked all of the blogs, but will do it sooner. And for the rest who are not yet the Followers of this blog and you intend to be one, you are most welcomed!:) The problem I'm facing with the Followers widget is not permanent, insyaAllah.

Gambar hiasan: Cindy was sleeping behind the screen of my laptop:)

That's all for today's babbling...Have a great weekend everybody!:)

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