Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why do cats like to lie on our books or papers?

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

Do you notice (and I believed you do) that cats like to lie on the things or the works that we are working on? On our tables, our books, our assignments, our draft papers, our keyboards!:p Kucing memang suka duduk atau membaringkan diri mereka di tempat yang kita nak buat kerja tu. Kenapa eh? Menghairankan. Tapi comel:)

This is Hyori (Yes, she is named after the Korean singer;).
She is my friend's cat. Sangat comel dan "chantek" macam model kucing;) Aku pernah babysit Hyori selama 2 hari. Dan gambar ini diambil dalam masa babysitting tersebut. Hyori memang kucing yang suka membaringkan diri atas kerja yang aku sedang buat:) Tuannya pun mengakui akan perangai comelnya itu;)

(Credit and thanks to Syura:)

This is Koko. Kucing di hostel aku, anak Maggi. Ha..ni lagi satu makhluk berbulu yang suka sangatlah duduk terjelepok atas kertas-kertas assignment ku. Atas keyboard laptop, tak payah cakaplah. Dah banyak kali cubaan ini dilakukan. Bila ditegur, "Hepp!!", dia buat muka 'steam' tak paham apa;p

Hehe..but I need to confess here that there are also times when I can't compromise such behaviour, especially when I'm in a hurry trying to finish typing my 10-page assignment which is needed to be submitted the next day. Thus, in such panicked and stressful conditions, their behavior of wanting to cutely lie on the things I'm working on may not be deemed as cute anymore. He..silap hari, ada yang kena marah:p Tapi kena sabar. Sabar..

I don't know the scientific, biological or "animal psychological" explanation to this unique bahavior of cats. Tapi aku rasa, antara sebab perangai "kiut" kucing ini terhasil adalah kerana diorang mahukan perhatian orang. They want attention, that's why they will automatically lie on the books, the papers, the keyboards and the work that you're working on or the things that are in front of you, so that the attention will be on them, instead of on the work. Oh if there's anybody out there who knows some other logical, biological or zoological reasons for such cat behavior, I would like to welcome you to explain or share them. I'm curious to know and would really love to know:)

Hehe..Kadang dengan kucing macam ni, aku akan cakap, "Ha..tolong habiskan kerja ni sekali boleh?";p Dan kucing itu akan memandangkan aku sambil muka macam clueless, as if menjawab "Ha? Kerja? Kerja apa? Tak tau.. Tak faham.. Meow.."..dan terus menggeliat malas:p Hai..kucing kucing...macam macam;p


Anonymous said...

my cats also like that..by the time i nak buat keje, time tu le dia akan datang and lie on the keyboard or my paper..sometimes they will take pen that i hold in my hand and play with it..

Fara; OfCatsAndKucing said...

to anaconda,
hehe..kan? diorang ni mmg suke nk "curi" tumpuan:)

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