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How to tell a cat to drink a lot of water and tell another cat that she has leukemia?

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

OMG! I'm so so so sorry that I haven't updated anything in this blog since November 2009. Life has been very very hectic these days. I have been busy with my studies and trying my best to stay sane while all the unexpected, unwanted happenings came crawling into my life. Oh life. It's meant to test us anyways. Oh well.. Let it be. I am here not to gramble or rant about my life..:p BUT to write the latest news about cats!;p

Oh actually, I have lots and lots of stories about cats that I have been keeping in my mind, that I need to write. But for today, let me write about this first. It's about my two cats at my home in Ipoh; Cindy and Kajol.

Oh before that, just a brief introduction.

Kucing-kucing ku di rumah Ipoh semuanya terdiri daripada stray cats sahaja. Kucing-kucing yang datang dari mana entah tiba-tiba sampai ke rumah lalu terus menetap di situ dan kucing-kucing yang "dikutip" dari tempat-tempat awam. He. Pendek kate, kucing-kucing ini semua "kucing kampung" saja. You may view them here.

Now going back to the story of Cindy and Kajol.

Firstly, Cindy. This is Cindy. She is approximately 5 years old plus plus.

Haa..dia ni memang menggedik sikit. Eh tapi bukan sikit. Banyak.... He.

Cindy came to the house when she was still a kitten. She came to the house out of no where. Tiba-tiba saja muncul depan halaman rumah, tergedik-gedik main sorang-sorang;p The first thing I noticed about her was, the colour of her fur is a bit different and they are a bit longer than any usual stray cats' fur. She doesn't look like a regular cat. She seems to originate from a mix breed cat. But how and why did she go to my house, I have no idea..Wallahu 'alam...

Eventually, it's proven that she's a bit different from any other stray cats. Cindy prefers cat biscuits (Fr*sk*es) compared to nasik berlauk ikan, the daily meal for my other cats. Cindy knows the appropriate place to pee and poo when ever she's in the house without any training done...while my other cats fail this skill;p Cindy prefers staying inside the house instead of outside. Especially when it's going to rain. Dia macam fobia dengan petir dan hujan. Kalau nak hujan atau bunyi guruh saja, "menjerit-jerit" sambil cakar-cakar pintu nak mintak masuk rumah. Haisshh..drama betul kucing ku ini;p

Anyways, one day, my mum noticed that Cindy "terjerit-jerit" bukan di waktu mahu hujan atau petir menyambar. Dia macam gelisah mundar mandir ke sana ke mari. Then dia panjat sinki, did her "business" and my mum realized that there's blood stain at the sink. Barulah sedar Cindy "terjerit-jerit" cause she's having difficulties to pee.

So, brought her to the vet and the vet confirmed it that her gallbladder is infected, thus kencingnya berdarah. Pendek kata, macam sakit batu karang gitu. Huhu...kesian.

Some of the reasons for this is because Cindy likes to eat Fr*sk*es, which according to the vet, contain preservatives that are not good for cats yang tak tahan. Tapi betul aku rasa, tak semua kucing yang macam tu. Sebelum ni, my Fifi, she depended on Fr*sk*es, nothing critical happened to her. She survived for 10 years. Hmm.

And secondly, it's because Cindy is a cat that doesn't drink a lot. Oh dear, if it's my younger brother who should be told to drink a lot, I could simply say or warn him "Haaa! Lepas ni kena minum banyak-banyak!". But now it's my cat! am I supposed to tell Cindy to drink a lot....haishhh. Oh anyway, Fifi dulu memang suka minum banyak. Dia minum saja dah ambil masa 5 minutes. Lintas saja depan bilik air nak minum. Masuk saja bilik-bilik tidur, terus pergi bilik air, nak mintak minum. He. Rahsia panjang umur;p

So, the doctor suggested us to change the cat food. So we bought ScienceDiet especially for Cindy. Extra safe, extra healthy...haha extra money laaa..;p

Okay, so, we gave her ScienceDiet. At first campur-campur dengan Whiskas. Sebab nak bagi dia biasakan diri dulu. Tapi, apa yang terjadi akhirnya ialah, Cindy tak makan pun SceinceDiet tu. Dia tak suka. Bila letak ScienceDiet, dia buat tak tahu je. Bila letak Whiskas semata-mata, baru dia makan. Chesss budak kecik ni! Ok, then bagi dia fresh fish pun, dia bukan nak makan sangat. Hai..dasar suka makan junk food kot dia ni. Tak tahu lah. Now, we are still clueless of what to do with Cindy the "weird" and gedik cat;p She seems healthy, but the vet said that we need to take good care of her food cause it seems that her stomach and gallbladder are a bit sensitive. Hmm..macam-macam..

Next, is about Kajol.

Kajol is approximately 6 years old plus plus. She is just like any other of my cats. She likes attention, likes to run here and there, likes to meow here and there, like to greet us whenever she sees us and likes to sleep on the rooftop of our cars;p

We noticed however that she's getting thinner by day. She's still active but thin. And we also noticed that she has been having this some sort of black dry wound on her nose and face. Every time they are being cleaned, they will reappear on the same spots. Mum brought her to the vet. After doing some check-ups, the vet told mum that Kajol could be suffering from cancer or specifically leukemia. I was so shocked. Huhuhuhuhu...siannnnnye...

So she has to undergo treatments with the vet. But there's no such thing as chemotherapy for cats ya.. She is still active, alert, aware of her surroundings and seems normal. But slowly, the cancer cells are "doing their jobs" to her body. I asked mum to ask the vet how did it happen? Is there any specific cause to it? The vet said, nope. It's in her blood. Just like humans, there's no specific cause to cancer. Huhu..siannn shajunnnnn.... (Shajun is like a panggilan manja to her)

Earlier in my entry, I sort of grumbled about the unwanted and unexpected happenings in my life cause I guess the happenings are so disturbing. But with what happened to Kajol and Cindy, I realized that animals too are also experiencing unwanted and unexpected happenings in their lives, not just men. But do they rant? Do they rage? Do they complain? Do they grumble? No, they don't.

These animals are perhaps oblivious to the unexpected things that happen to them. They don't have the faculty of 'akal i.e reason like us. For them, they just have to do what ever that they are destined to do...that is to continue living the life that are loaned to them. Either you have a limping leg, scabies on your body, people don't like your face, people kick you or throw you away or you have cancer...still these animals have to and will continue living until the time comes for them to "go". They never protest, they never complain, they never opt for suicide and they cannot do so cause its not their nature.

We humans should learn from this nature. We should continue living the lives that are lent to us. No matter what kinds of unwanted and unexpected happenings come strolling to our lives, we shouldn't rant, complain or grumble a lot. Despite all those, we still need to continue living. And we should only stop living when the time comes for us to stop breathing.


hidayat said...

aku rase ko kne bg cindy mkn bnyak fiber kot...

btw, leukemia kajol tu dr. x ckp stage brpe ke?

F.S / (^_^) \ said...

to dayat,
psl kajol,aku mintak mama tanye ade stage2 ke tak.. vet tu xde ckp stage bape2..maybe kucing xde stage2 ke..heh. entahlah..

atiqahdahalan said...

we used to have this kitten who doesn't drink water or milk at all. mungkin sebab dari kecil lagi dah tak beribu, so dia tak pandai minum susu... so, what we did, we gave her canned food. i think they're good especially yg ada gravy ataupun yg dalam gel.

before this i had a cat yg mati sebab batu karang jugak, but it's because of frikies + cicak (mungkin kerana kapur?). really bad for them.

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