Friday, January 29, 2010

Books about cats

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

Reading books about animals, especially about cats is one of my favorite pastimes.I love reading this type of books so much that I will be immersed deeply in them and my mind won't shift away to anywhere else.

My students (Yes, I used to teach before. But not this semester), sometimes ask me, what kind of book that they should pick and read, how will they know which book should they read and how to choose the right book to read? And to answer these questions, I usually tell them to "pick and choose the books that have to do with your interests, something that you like the most and something that will really manage to make your mind escape wholly to a different dimension". And I will usually end my advice by saying "Like me! I LOVE CATS! So..I will read books about cats to ease my mind and to make myself happy":)

Now going back to the topic of books about cats, for today's entry, I want to recommend you guys these books about cats:

The first one is a book entitled "Scorpion-A Cat's Tale" ---> "A heart rendering story of a cat whose life and death intertwined with that of a loving family. A cat's eye view of the vicissitudes of family life. The book is beautifully illustrated by Khairul Azuwan, an artist well regarded by art lovers" (Taken from: Ameenbooks.Com.My)

This is the cover of the book. Kiut kann..?;p

This book was written by a writer known as Nambai---> "Nambai is Malaysian and has close ties with Singapore. He practiced law for about 15 years before leaving the noble profession to pursue his other passions, writing being one of them. Nambai is a cat lover" (Taken from: Ameenbooks.Com.My). You may read the review here.

My comment about this book.... OMG...I tell you..this book is so CUTE, HEARTWARMING and TOUCHING that I guarantee all catlovers will definitely fall in LOVE with it. It's so so so cute. One thing that makes it cuter is because this story is written from the point of view of Scorpion the cat. Meaning, in the story, we will be reading Scorpion's thoughts and feelings. It's as if she's the one telling us the story. Heee. So cute! ;)

Another interesting thing that I like about this book is because of the writer's SUPERB usage of English throughout the story. Though the storyline seems a bit childish, with such SUPERB and GREAT use of English, the writer manages to prove that this book is not only meant for children. It's meant for catlovers of all ages.

So if you are a true catlover and you haven't bought and read this book, oh please I advise you to go and buy one for yourself. Trust me, you will be charmed with Scorpion's stories and cuteness:) You can get this book from MPH bookstores and you can also purchase it online from

Now, the next book that I think will be of interest to catlovers will be this e-book: Kucingcomel.Com.

(Credit: Kucingcomel.Com)

I haven't bought it or read it. But I do have the intention to buy it if I have extra money:) It's an e-book that will guide you in knowing more about cats. What captures my attention to this e-book is because it is quite cheap, only RM27.00, compared to other self-help books about cats in the market. I'm sure that such e-book will be of good use to every catlover:) If you want to purchase this book, you may go to And please note that I'm not payed for promoting this e-book to you..I don't even know the author:p

So, enjoy reading and exploring these books!:)


HimAwaRi said...

hye there, i love cats as well and enjoy reading your blog...i'm a mummy of my 2 adorable babies chokobie and debab ^_^..keep up the good work..

Fara; OfCatsAndKucing said...

to himawari,
thank u so much for reading and for the support:) sy suke bile dpt bkongsi cerita dgn ramai catlovers;) do come and visit again ya:)

HimAwaRi said...

no probs, i buat link for ur blog at mine. eh do come and check out my blog too. i also put some of my babies pic there ^_*

Fara; OfCatsAndKucing said...

to Himawari,

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