Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Instinct Of A Mother

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

Today, I'm going to write a story about a mother cat. A pure instinct and love of a mother cat.

Below, is a picture of a mother cat named Maggi. Maggi was one of the cats at my hostel block.

When Maggi was younger, she was one very frightened cat. Dia macam takut dengan orang. Tapi mengenangkan kewujudan operasi penangkapan "tak pasal-pasal" kucing-kucing di blok-blok hostel uia ni, memang wajarlah Maggi sentiasa rasa dalam ketakutan. As a result, she didn't reveal herself that much to people. And as a result, when she gave labour to her kittens, she would give labour dalam semak samun yang ada dekat blok aku ni. And when the kittens got bigger, she would hide them dalam semak samun atau di dalam longkang yang berdekatan dengan blok aku ni juga. Gambar-gambar di bawah, mengukuhkan kata-kata aku tentang insecurity Maggi sebagai ibu.

Gambar di atas diambil waktu siang.
The two kittens are her first batch of children that we, me and my friends, saw.

The two pics above were taken at night.

Di atas ini ialah gambar longkang yang Maggi selalu menyorok dengan anak-anak dia. It's their main hiding place, especially bila tiba masa Operasi Menangkap Kucing "tak pasal-pasal' which I mentioned earlier. Sebenarnya, dekat tepi sebelah kanan ni, macam ada saluran kecil yang membolehkan Maggi dan anak-anaknya masuk ke dalam longkang besar ni.

Tengok tu, the two kittens, Bunny and Koko;p The funny part was, the two knew how to get into the big drain, tapi tak tau macam mana nak keluar:p Makanya, terjerit-jeritlah dua ekor ni, konon minta tolong dari dalam longkang besar tu bila Maggi was not around.

It was quite deep tau the big drain. Me and several other catlovers couldn't simply jump to save them. Makanya, kitorang sampai kene turunkan kerusi untuk keluarkan diorang.

Tengok, betulkan? Sangat dalam.

Some may deem Maggi's act of putting the kittens in the drain as a crazy act. Ya, mungkin pada akal manusia, kita rasa Maggi buat kerja gila. Tapi jika kita fikirkan semula, this is a living proof of the pure instinct and love of a mother cat which was trying to save her kittens from threats and danger. And perhaps, I would say more of the threats and danger from human beings and any other forms of perpetrators. Pada instinct atau naluri Maggi, only the big drains and the bushes were safe for her and the kittens.

And Maggi was definitely not a crazy mummy. She cared so much of her children. Ada waktu-waktu tertentu, Maggi akan bawa "hasil buruan" seperti cicak, burung dan binatang-binatang lain untuk diberi pada the kittens. Subhanallah, tersentuh sangat bila tengok dia gonggong 'buruan' tu ntah dari mana ntah dan bawa ke blok aku untuk bagi anak dia makan. Kalau the kittens were not around, she would call them dengan suara meow dia yang halus tu;)

And there was this one time, Bunny and Koko were hid in my room, cause it was the week of the Ops tangkap kucing. The two tak senang duduk dalam bilik ni, mengiau meronta mintak keluar. Tak sampai sejam diorang bising-bising, tiba dengar suara Maggi di luar bilik, mengiau suara halus dia tu;p She knew that her kittens were in some sort of uncomfortable surroundings, and she knew where they were. Subhanallah. Once I let Maggi into my room, Bunny and Koko cuddled next to their mummy and went to sleep, soundly. Dah tamat kekecehohan;p

Maggi and her first batch kittens, Koko & Bunny (which now have turned into pretty lady cats;) relaxing at the parking lot;p

Eventually, Maggi got used to the existence of human beings around her and around her kittens coz we, the catlovers usually fed them, patted them on their backs, treated them well and cared so much about them. Maggi masih ada rasa insecure, tapi tak seperti dulu. Lama-lama, dia dah ada rasa percaya sikit pada manusia, yang sukakan kucing. Dia dah berani datang ke my room yang kat level 3 ni, minta makanan dengan suara kecil dia tu;p Comel sangat;) Dia dah makin gemuk sampai dia dah pregnant dah beranak dan pregnant semula pun kita tak perasan. Dia juga dah berani ikut kaki kita ke mana juga kita pergi, kalau dia tau, kita ni suka kucing;) All I can say about Maggi is she was one super adorable mother cat...

I said WAS one super adorable mother cat...

On Monday morning, I woke up and was walking slowly to the toilet to wash my face, when my neighbour (my jiran ni, dia tak la gilakan kucing like me and some others. so she doesn't hafal the names of the cats at our blocks like how we do), who saw me in dazed, quickly said, "Fara.. Fara tau tak ada kucing mati?". I was like "Ha? Kucing mati?! Kucing mana?". She answered "Kucing yang ada anak lima tu'. I said to myself, kucing yang ada lima ekor anak..? Kucing mana pulak ni..? She further explained "Alaa Fara..kucing yang lima ekor anak comel-comel tu.. Yang letak anak dia dalam longkang tu.." OH MY.... PLEASE... NOT MAGGI...

Then my neighbour explained that on Friday, she saw the mother cat and the kittens in the drain. They were so cute and adorable together. Then on Sunday, she went again to the drain with the hope that she could take the pics of the kittens and the mother... But, all that she could find in the drain were the carcasses of the mother and her three kittens... Lying there... Already lifeless. I thanked her for telling me all this. Went to my room and I was still in denial, wishing that it was not Maggi. Oh please not Maggi. The thing is this, semester ni I was terlalu sibuk bekerja sambil belajar. Aku tak tahu sangat kalau Maggi pregnant or dah give labour. Aku tak perasan. Aku ingat lagi, hari Khamis pagi, Maggi datang mintak makanan. I gave her some. But I didn't notice anything. And I was still in denial.

But to make myself feel satisfied and sure of which cat and what actually happened, before I went to work, aku beranikan diri dan kuatkan hati, pergi jenguk dari satu big drain to another big drain yang berdekatan dengan blok aku ni. I even went to the big drain yang gambar kat atas tu tadi. But all the big drains were empty... I didn't find any trace of a carcass.

Until I arrived at this one drain. It was not a big drain, and it was not even deep. The depth was perhaps only 2 jengkal setengah. And there she was... the dearest Maggi... there she was... the dearest lifeless Maggi... :'(

I hold my breath when looking at her lifeless yet still looking strong body, trying to control myself from crying. I looked at her carcass for several minutes without blinking my eyes, a way of trying to tell myself that, THAT carcass was indeed Maggi.. dear Maggi. I stood there for 5 minutes, trying to digest everything. My heart kept saying "Oh you poor poor, poor thing mummy.... sian mummy..." I tried to search for the carcasses of her kittens, but I couldn't find any. Now I remember, there was a very heavy rain and even storms on Saturday noon. But I was at Alpha Angle when the rain came. It was so so so heavy that there the rain even flooded the entrance of JJ a bit.

Agaknya, waktu tu lah Maggi terlemas dalam longkang ni. Mesti, dalam kelam kabut hujan tu, being a strong mother cat and having a pure instinct of a mother cat to five cute healthy kittens, she must have tried to save her kittens. That's all that she could think of as a mother to the kittens. That's all her instinct said. Dan mungkin, masa cuba nak selamatkan anak dia tulah, dia terlemas atau mungkin terjatuh dan lemas. Ya Allah..sedihnya rasa.. :'(

After five minutes, I shed a bit of tears and went to my car, called a friend who stayed in the same block and who also fond of Maggi and the kittens, broke the news to her and she was also sad. Then, I went straight to another friend's room, a catlover as well, told her the news and she was also very very shocked. After that, I went straight to work.

But still, the whole of Monday and even up till today, I just couldn't shake my head of the fact that Maggi died while trying to save her kittens. And the kittens had probably died and drifted somewhere else cause I couldn't seem to see their carcasses. Sedih sangat aku rasa. Bila aku teringatkan Maggi je, mesti mengalir air mata ni. Ish entahlah. Kesian Maggi.. Sedih sangat. Aku terfikir, mesti waktu hujan lebat tu, naluri dia tak ada lain selain nak selamatkan anak-anak dia. Mungkin, naluri dia kuat untuk selamatkan, lalu dia determine untuk redah juga hujan untuk selamatkan. Mungkin, naluri dia waktu tu, nak yang terbaik untuk selamatkan anak-anak dia. Tapi, yelah, Tuhan lebih tahu apa yang terjadi sebenarnya. Tapi, disebabkan dia dijumpai dalam longkang tu, aku rasa, kemungkinan yang agak besar, Maggi berada dengan anak-anak dia masa hujan lebat ribut kuat tu. You poor thing.. poor thing.. Ish sedih.. :'(

To those who are not fond of cats, maybe you guys can't comprehend this sadness.. And it's okay, I don't mind. But please don't criticise us for having such soft spot for cats or even other animals. To us, catlovers or animal lovers, this is a special gift.

I told my mother about Maggi (but no, I didn't tell her that I cried, cause I rarely, very rarely cry in front of her) just told her that me and my friends are very sad of what happened to Maggi. She said that this is God's will. We have to accept it. And I thought to myself, yeah.. It's true. It's one way of God teaching me to accept His Qada' and Qadar. I might have the thought that if I was around at that time, I could perhaps save her and the kittens. tapi, biarlah apa pun yang aku fikir, ini semua dah Tuhan tentukan. And I thought, at least, Maggi died while trying to save her children from drowning; a very pure intention, pure instinct of a mother.. she died while performing what she had to do as a mother.. it is, in one perspective, an honourable death. This makes me wonder, in what ways will I die and end my life? Will it be an honourable one too..?


anjut said...

now, we really learn something from others creatures. Humans think they r smart..but deep inside, they sometimes loss their control...tgk ada org sanggup buang anak, lagi la mcm rasa manusia ni x guna otak..

Fara said...

kan? stgh manusia ni, anak siap nak dibuang2 lg..hai..xtau la..
still..sian maggi..sob sob..

Unknown said...

huhuhu.. bergenang mata membaca!btol anjut ckp,manusia skrg nih mcm tak guna otak bila membuat sesuatu,buang anak 1 hal, serang org tak pasal2 pon 1 hal lagik..haish..manusia2..

Fara said...

huhu..kan shikin kan.. tq for understanding the feeling...huhu

Anonymous said...

moge2 roh maggi dgn ank2 die (kalu dorg x slmt jgk) tenang di sn..kalu slmt, harap2 dorg sehat je lah n lebey bagus kalu ade insan bek hati yg dh adopt dorg..

sedey..mmg sedey bace cite nk nanges je,tp xleh sbb kt opis skang ni..malu lak ngan opismate nati..

btw, ape cite ngan stray cat yg dkat cafe tmpat awk tu?yg bute seblah tu...

- chulakitty -

callister said...

OMG...sedihnya citer maggi...huhuhu..
I'm a cat lover myself..xleh dgr citer2 pasal kucing,mesti sedih gile...

F.S / (^_^) \ said...

to chulakitty,
time kaseh coz bsedih bsame sy..huhu. tp kan..rasenye anak2 maggi pun dh xde jugak..huhu..
oh neway, nnti sy tulis entry br pasal mr fluffy:)

to callister,
thanx jgak coz dpt faham rs sedih ni..huhu. sy pun same, xleh dgr ape2 yg xbaik psl cats and even other animals..mesti sebak jer rase..

biskott said...

huuu.menangis depan skrin dah bila baca entri ni.

Edna Sinn said...

what's with operasi tangkap kucing dekat uia ni?
cerita lah

Anonymous said...

so sad...i nangis baca ni...


iela said...

sedihnyerr... :(

Anonymous said...

this story is sooo sad.
kesian die.

F.S / (^_^) \ said...

to everybody,
thank you for reading this entry. and terime kaseh sbb faham rase sedih yg sy rase...huhu...

F.S / (^_^) \ said...

to everybody,
thank you for reading this entry. and terime kaseh sbb faham rase sedih yg sy rase...huhu...

Anonymous said...

tersentuh hati nie bila bc dis post..mengalir sad..rasa cm nak peluk&cium jer kat maggi..

Shahmizah said...

lps bc citer ni saya x sampai ati nak buang 3 ekor anak kucing kat rumah , sy tak nak anak2 kucing tu jd mcm maggi.

Fara Syuhada said...

to anonymous and everybody,
huhu..mmg sgt menyentuh hati kisah si maggi nih...sgt2 sedih.. kdg kite manusia ni tak sangka yg haiwan pun sampai tahap mcm tu sekali menggadai nyawa utk anak2..

to shahmizah,
huhu..jgn la buang anak2 kucing tu.. kalo u xnak bela..perhaps, u bole tanye kalo2 ade sape2 yg nak bela..or kalo u ok, u bela diorg..xnak bg masuk rumah, letak luar rumah pun xpe:)

milley's mom said...

OMG..sedeynye~~maggi ibu yg baik~kita reda ek die pergi..sbb perginya die akan diganti ngan anak2 die yg cumeykan...
RIP..awakk jgn sedey2..awak dah buat yg terbaik utk dia..
sy dulu pun bela kuceng masa kat kolej..bley dikatakn setiap sem ade je batch baru..every cuti sem dok terpikir la camne dorg nk idup..walaupun ct 2 mgu je...huhu..

Hua Sheng said...

um..cedih nye..cover nk ngs bc entri ni. huhu. kte pun ade ksh kucing kte..Cheng Cheng nm nye. hehe. cdih jgk. kalo nk tawu, bc r entri kte yg da lps kt blog kte. but the end, Cheng Cheng hidup ! :P now she hv 3 kittens ; bubu.feti.lala (",)
yeah. im catlover too. same like my two brothers. :)

hidayat said...

aku still x phm org yg nk buang anak ni...binatang pon syg anak..

m.q said...

wawawaaaa...nak nangesss

bunny ;) said...

entry ni dah lama but still rasa nk comment. saje2 je melawat cat lover's blogs. isk isk sedih nyee. ni depan khalayak ramai ni da bergenang2 air mata :( seriously i cant read or listen cite2 yg sedih ni cepat je mata ni berair2 xleh berenti :(

aien said...

sedey nyer biler bce kisah sal maggie n anak2....mengalir air mata ney,,haiwan pun sayang kan anak nyer,tpi manusai yng de otak pun still nk dera n buang anak jerk..huhuhuh.....anak2 maggie cumey2 smuanyer...i ney cat lover...i like cat..,i de bela anak kucing,comey name nyer,,,,kiut sangat,xsampai ati nak buang n letak kat mane2 comey tuh...

fazsha8586 said...

kalau la saya ada masa ni n kta dekat.....saya akan bwa maggi and de kids p rmh saya...n saya akan jga dorang.......aiiii sedihnya.....


Anonymous said...

i juz read this story..its really damn sad...skarg ni i kat tempat keje..n i still crying,

Imddin Ahmad said...

Susahnya nak baca bahasa rojak ni..
apapun cerita ni memenag menyedihkan bagi mereka yang sayangkan kucing.

Fara said...

to everybody,
thank you so much for your comments:) i'm so glad that I could share my feelings and thoughts to everybody who has read this entry. Yes, this had happened long time ago, but it is still fresh in my mind. Hopefully we, as human beings, will be given the will to help out all kinds of animals out there which need our help. And hopefully, God will help us in this noble effort:)

~mama aYYaN~ said...

hi fara,
kitorg pon pernah experienced bnda yg sama.. kat belakang umah. kucing umah kitorg ada sekor je. yang lain-lain tu tak tahu dtg dr mana tp my family always fed them.
satu hari, salah sekor kucing ni pregnant n gave birth..kat mana tak tahu...tapi ari2 dtg minta makan. after certain time, hujan lebat satu petang... kitorg tak tahu mana dia sorok anak dia. but hoping that her kittens safe n sound. but after tat day, she kept meowing looking for her kittens yang kitorg mmg tak pnah nmpak n tahu mana dia sorok. mybe dia sorok dlm longkang blakang umah n hanyut dek air.. seminggu lebih dia cr anak dia smpai kurus kering dia... n all her nipples swollen due to mastitis (sbb tak ada kitten menyusus kn)..sian tahun ni bila dia pregnant lagi, adik cepat2 kurung dlm umah suh dia beranak dlm rumah..tak nak jadi mcm kes tahun lepas..skang da lari pg umah org lain pulak cr makan...hahahha

~mama aYYaN~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Sy dl x uia n a cat lover. Honestly, i cried.... Previously.. somewhere in 2001, uia was not that strict. However, maybe if this happen next time... you can advertise that kind of cat for adoption... there is a website for selling and cat adoption...

mellisa said...

wah sedeynya dgr...sgt2 xleh dgr kisah sedey haiwan2 ni...wak n membe2 ada x tanam meggie tu or just leave it in the drain camtu jek???harap2 tanamla dia ek...hurm thanks sbb penah menyayangi meggi n her kittens...erm same2 kita membantu kucing2 yg memerlukan ptlongan & kasih syg kite

NaOMi said...

Maggi & anak2 dh happy kat syurga..But still i nangis after read yr n3..

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Aduhhhhh.... Cant stop the tears from coming out again and again.... :'(

Unknown said...

Sedihnya... masa kucing sy mati pun kami husband n wife nanges dkt smggu jgak. Adika mati sbb demam panas akibat hujan. Xpe... kucing dan binatang2 lain kalau mati akan jadi tanah syurga. Now kami ada sekor lagi nama Labu.. Hopefully Labu kekal lama dgn kami.

Anonymous said...

2.55am, 10/08/2013....pd waktu ni, sy sdg temankn anak kucing sy yg sdg sakit..sambil mbaca citer2 dlm blog awk..
Entah brp lama, mgkn dh lbh sejam lamanya dia terlantar, @ mgkn dh hmpir 2 jam, sy x prasan..yg sy tau, kucing sy dh nazak..
Tepat jam 3.15am, dgr satu jeritan plahan & kmudiannya sepi..stelah lama tseksa, dia mghembuskn nafasnya yg trakhir.. Nangis lg sy, sambil mnatap, usap2 tubuh kecilnya yg kaku..sgt mnyayat hati mngenangkn anak kucing ni yatim..ibunya mati kmalangan pd awal ramadhan lps..sjak itu dia 5 bradik idup menumpang ksh syg ibu angkat.. Trasa khilangan yg amat sgt krn dia sgt manja & rapat dgn sy..hampir tiap mlm dia tido disisi sy.. Slalunya dkt leher sy la dia suka tido.. Skrg, dia dh xde dh..
Maaflah, sy x mampu lg nk cter ttg dia.. Sy sgt syg pd kucing, dorg dh mcm family..

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