Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The "Cute" Cat Joker

"The Joker" by Fatboy Slim

This is one very very very cute video clip:)
The part that makes me smile the most is when the cute kittens exchange catnips with money...aaawwww..kiuttt!;p

Monday, May 4, 2009

Malu-malu kucing

"Malu-malu kucing" is a Malay simpulan bahasa or idiom which is often used to describe a person who pretends to be shy, coy, demure and bashful in front of other people. Or in Malay, we simply say as 'orang yang berpura-pura malu'. So, in a way, the Malay society associates the attributes of being shy, coy, demure and bashful with 'kucing' i.e cats!

However... after witnessing this:

Kajol's act of resting peacefully on the roof of my mum's Kancil car

And this:

Karpet's stretching and sleeping soundly on another family car.

And this:

Lucy's act of falling asleep on that comfortable family sofa as if she owns the thing;p

And her face that says something like "Oh, you're taking a picture of me..?
Can't you see that I'm currently asleep...?";p

Oh this as well:

Cindy's ignorance on the fact that she's sleeping at the living room, on the precious table cloth that was bought from Syria by my brother.

And oh, she was even oblivious to the fact that her picture was being captured :p

...... I am beginning to have some doubt over the idiom "malu-malu kucing";p
Watching their antics and looking at these pics make me wonder, how on earth did people actually come out with such idiom in the first place?;p

Honestly, I don't think that idiom represents my cats;p They are not that "pemalu";p Cause if they were, they wouldn't have ended up sleeping, resting and enjoying their sweet time at these forbidden places in the first place. Based on the pics, they are obviously not that shy, coy, demure and bashful either;p Oh just look at how they behaved in the pics:p

The creation of the idiom "Malu-malu kucing" may have been inspired by cats of the olden days and they probably behaved in such a shy, coy, demure and bashful way too. But I don't think people will be inspired to come out with an idiom with the same meaning when they see my cats;p Cause I know, my cats are a bunch fluffy creatures that are definitely "tak malu" ;p

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