Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Updates on Abu

I finally chose not to bring him to the vet, cause when I called the vet, the person in charge mentioned something that frightened me. So, I decided to just do the treatment myself. I have no other choice but to hold Abu firmly (well, it's more like hugging him actually;) so that he will sit still and I will apply minyak gamat on the wound with my bare hands. He's a bit reluctant at first, but he tends to be more gentle lately since, I guess, he knows that he will be rewarded with the delicious cat food in the packets. The process goes like this;

1) First, I will persuade him to come to my room.

2) Then I will give him only half of the food.

3) Next, once he's about to finish eating I will hold him firmly, apply the gamat.

4) Once I have finished applying the gamat, I will give him the other half of the cat food as a reward. This is what I called as the "psychology" of cats ..they do not mind being asked to do something as long as they know that they will be rewarded;p

5) In order to avoid any feeling of itchiness and any spread of unknown harmful bacteria or ticks or germs or what ever, I have prepared a specific shirt and pants that I will change into every time I' m going to apply the medicine on him. As I mentioned to Amny and Nad, it's my "uniform";)

6) I usually do the "operation" outside my room, in front of the door.. it's easier for me, cause all the things I need, like gamat, the gamat container, cat food, the container to put the cat food, spoon, old newspaper, tissue papers and what not, are in my room..easy for me to reach for these things in case I need them.

7) Once I have finished dealing with Abu, I will clean the floor and the area where the "operation" takes place, with dettol antibac and dettol disinfectant. I will even wipe the floor and my door, every time the "operation" finishes. This means, I will clean the floor in front my room and my neighbours' next door. I do understand that some people might not feel comfortable with having a wounded cat sitting and being treated in front of their rooms. It's okay, I respect that.

8) Next, I will wash all the "apparatus" used just now with, again, dettol antibac.

9) And lastly, I will change my cloth, go straight for a clean bath and use dettol bath foam so that I will not be feeling itchy later.

10) Finally, I will pray to God and hope that Abu's wound will be better and I will not be infected with any germs or sickness. Huhu..Amin..

Now, some of my neighbours do not like cats..but some of them do understand that all I'm doing is helping Abu. Some will just pass by room and smile when ever they see me doing my "job". Thankfully enough, there's one very good neighbour, Nana, (who doesn't actually like cats) who even helped me by holding the cat food container in front of Abu's nose as to persuade him to stay still during my "strugle" to apply the minyak gamat.

Yes, some people do respect our intention, they do respect our differences and some do understand that there are times in our lives that we need to put aside our differences. Ye, ada orang-orang yang faham.


Let's just not talk about these kind of people here, shall we.. It's a waste je nanti..hmm


feliscatus said...

Hi Fara,

tengkiu sebab komen kat blog sy & dh link kan blog awk. yay! =p

btw, kesian Abu....tapi kan, nape awk tak hantar pi vet??but, maybe u have your own reasons then..

apa pun, sy harap Abu akn bertambah sihat.

feliscatus said...

nak tambah lagi la...blh kan? =p luka tu tak sepatutnya sampai jadi nanah. kalau bernanah..better go the vet asap.

ok, take care.

Fara said...

hi there! tq for dropping by=)

huhu..sy xberani bwk g vet sbb bile sy call vet tu, awl2 die dh ckp bende yg menakutkan. die tanye sy.. serius ke luke Abu..sy ckp je luke die tu dalam. Then, on the phone, before doing any check up on Abu pun, org tu dh start ckp.. kalu serius maybe dh sampai infection kt eye ball die, then die kate kalu dah serius mcm tu maybe clinic tak boleh buat ape, kene hantar kat animal medical center, kene buat careful surgery...
gulp! takut sy dgr.. rasenye kalu Abu boleh faham pun, mesti die pun takut;p

Then, walaupun sy dh gtau that Abu is actually a stray cat,org tu suh sy puasekn Abu dulu la.. i mean, he's a stray cat, he roams around sukehati die..how am i supposed to control his hunger;p (ok la, maybe yg ni org tu mmg betol2 has no clue;p). Coz selalunye, if the vet kt my hometown, kalu kes2 mcm nih, the vet will just ask us to bring the cat to the vet and he will handle the rest..as long as we pay her la;p

i guess, i got the wrong vet..they are not that customer friendly kot:p

f@nna said...

hi, the reason vet tu mintak u puase kan si abu ni sebab untuk diorang treat abu, diorang kene pengsankan die. so in order to pengsan kan die, perut kene kosong.in order to puasekan abu, u kene cage kan abu ni and jgn bagi makan or minum.ni pun memang compulsory la if u send ur cats for neuter/spay ;)same cam manusia, if nak operation kene puase.

tapi i pun faham susah nak cage kan si abu ni sebab die stray kan.sekali die ngamuk susah heheh..

dulu one of my cat pun ade maggot wound jugak. bile bawak gi vet, diorang pengsankan, then they kill the maggots and then bagi i iodin untuk bersihkan luka and cream untuk apply kat luka tu.then ade lagi satu spray, "magtox" yang khas untuk maggot wound.alhamdulillah baik dah my cat tu.

gd luck with abu ye:)

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