Monday, March 16, 2009

Again, it's about Abu

That's it, I think I'm going to bring Abu to the vet.

I'm getting worried of the wound. The condition seems to be getting worse.
(Kalau la saya boleh snap gambar luka tu and letak kat sini untuk membuktikan teruknya luka dia tu. He..tapi nanti, ada yang dah tak sanggup nak bukak dah blog ni pulak:p)
And another thing is, Abu dislikes the smell of minyak gamat. As I said before, he becomes very suspicious of me. And thanks to what ever type of nasty tick, dirt or perhaps bacteria that Abu brings with him in his fur, I can't even stand or be near him.. My hands and feet will start feeling's the allergy. So, I can't be too near to him and what more to touch him. Yes, perhaps, my skin is quite sensitive:p

So, I decide to bring him to the nearest vet. So, now, here's the dilemma.

At first, I thought of bringing him to the Klinik Jabatan Haiwan, Gombak. I know the place, used to bring one cat there during degree times. But then, will they accept stray cats like Abu? I mean, a dirty wounded stray cat like Abu?

Then, thinking of bringing him to any nearest non-government vet.
Still, I have this thought, will they accept Abu? Abu, the dirty, wounded, perasan macho, male, stray cat?:p (Oh, did I mention his other name is "Horny";p..kann..die memang perasan macho;p) And do you have any idea, which vet will accept him, or the best for him...yelah, Abu ni, kire macam kucing yang liar jugak..hmm. I have already surfed the net and listed down some vets which are quite near.. But still, indicisive of which vet to choose and to go to.

Hmm...another dilemma is, I don't have the cat cage. The cage which is usually used to bring our cats to the vet. But then, I think, this can still be solved. Susah-susah, saya ambil saja kotak kosong mana-mana dan tebuk lubang sikit dan letak Abu dalam tu dan tape kotak tu;p

Hmm.. entahlah.. But what ever it is, I am going to bring that furry creature to the vet! (though I myself is now struggling to do my assignments) :p sebenarnya, ada cara lain yang boleh selamatkan Abu selain dari bawa ke vet? Ish..entah lah.. I think, going to the vet is the best kot. Hishh..dasar indicisive..pasal nak bawak Abu pergi vet pun indicisive..payah;p


ainfazrin said...

syu, rasanya bawak gi vet terus je..tak kisah lah stray cat ke tak, Abu deserves to be given proper medication/attention by the vet anyways...

Mas said...

how's ABU?

Noor Amirah Mohd Nor said...

mcm mna keadaan abu skrg??

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