Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Updates on Abu

I finally chose not to bring him to the vet, cause when I called the vet, the person in charge mentioned something that frightened me. So, I decided to just do the treatment myself. I have no other choice but to hold Abu firmly (well, it's more like hugging him actually;) so that he will sit still and I will apply minyak gamat on the wound with my bare hands. He's a bit reluctant at first, but he tends to be more gentle lately since, I guess, he knows that he will be rewarded with the delicious cat food in the packets. The process goes like this;

1) First, I will persuade him to come to my room.

2) Then I will give him only half of the food.

3) Next, once he's about to finish eating I will hold him firmly, apply the gamat.

4) Once I have finished applying the gamat, I will give him the other half of the cat food as a reward. This is what I called as the "psychology" of cats ..they do not mind being asked to do something as long as they know that they will be rewarded;p

5) In order to avoid any feeling of itchiness and any spread of unknown harmful bacteria or ticks or germs or what ever, I have prepared a specific shirt and pants that I will change into every time I' m going to apply the medicine on him. As I mentioned to Amny and Nad, it's my "uniform";)

6) I usually do the "operation" outside my room, in front of the door.. it's easier for me, cause all the things I need, like gamat, the gamat container, cat food, the container to put the cat food, spoon, old newspaper, tissue papers and what not, are in my room..easy for me to reach for these things in case I need them.

7) Once I have finished dealing with Abu, I will clean the floor and the area where the "operation" takes place, with dettol antibac and dettol disinfectant. I will even wipe the floor and my door, every time the "operation" finishes. This means, I will clean the floor in front my room and my neighbours' next door. I do understand that some people might not feel comfortable with having a wounded cat sitting and being treated in front of their rooms. It's okay, I respect that.

8) Next, I will wash all the "apparatus" used just now with, again, dettol antibac.

9) And lastly, I will change my cloth, go straight for a clean bath and use dettol bath foam so that I will not be feeling itchy later.

10) Finally, I will pray to God and hope that Abu's wound will be better and I will not be infected with any germs or sickness. Huhu..Amin..

Now, some of my neighbours do not like cats..but some of them do understand that all I'm doing is helping Abu. Some will just pass by room and smile when ever they see me doing my "job". Thankfully enough, there's one very good neighbour, Nana, (who doesn't actually like cats) who even helped me by holding the cat food container in front of Abu's nose as to persuade him to stay still during my "strugle" to apply the minyak gamat.

Yes, some people do respect our intention, they do respect our differences and some do understand that there are times in our lives that we need to put aside our differences. Ye, ada orang-orang yang faham.


Let's just not talk about these kind of people here, shall we.. It's a waste je nanti..hmm

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cuteness: Did not...Did too

The one on the right reminds me of my Fifi..alaah...kiiuuttt;)

funny pictures of cats with captions
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p/s: thanks to mr.anon=)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Again, it's about Abu

That's it, I think I'm going to bring Abu to the vet.

I'm getting worried of the wound. The condition seems to be getting worse.
(Kalau la saya boleh snap gambar luka tu and letak kat sini untuk membuktikan teruknya luka dia tu. He..tapi nanti, ada yang dah tak sanggup nak bukak dah blog ni pulak:p)
And another thing is, Abu dislikes the smell of minyak gamat. As I said before, he becomes very suspicious of me. And thanks to what ever type of nasty tick, dirt or perhaps bacteria that Abu brings with him in his fur, I can't even stand or be near him.. My hands and feet will start feeling itchy..it's the allergy. So, I can't be too near to him and what more to touch him. Yes, perhaps, my skin is quite sensitive:p

So, I decide to bring him to the nearest vet. So, now, here's the dilemma.

At first, I thought of bringing him to the Klinik Jabatan Haiwan, Gombak. I know the place, used to bring one cat there during degree times. But then, will they accept stray cats like Abu? I mean, a dirty wounded stray cat like Abu?

Then, thinking of bringing him to any nearest non-government vet.
Still, I have this thought, will they accept Abu? Abu, the dirty, wounded, perasan macho, male, stray cat?:p (Oh, did I mention his other name is "Horny";p..kann..die memang perasan macho;p) And do you have any idea, which vet will accept him, or the best for him...yelah, Abu ni, kire macam kucing yang liar jugak..hmm. I have already surfed the net and listed down some vets which are quite near.. But still, indicisive of which vet to choose and to go to.

Hmm...another dilemma is, I don't have the cat cage. The cage which is usually used to bring our cats to the vet. But then, I think, this can still be solved. Susah-susah, saya ambil saja kotak kosong mana-mana dan tebuk lubang sikit dan letak Abu dalam tu dan tape kotak tu;p

Hmm.. entahlah.. But what ever it is, I am going to bring that furry creature to the vet! (though I myself is now struggling to do my assignments) :p

Err..ke sebenarnya, ada cara lain yang boleh selamatkan Abu selain dari bawa ke vet? Ish..entah lah.. I think, going to the vet is the best kot. Hishh..dasar indicisive..pasal nak bawak Abu pergi vet pun indicisive..payah;p

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Attached to Abu

Yes, I realize that I owe this blog and the readers (if any) an apology:( huhu..sorry..I am so sorry..

I could spend another 5 to 10 minutes apologizing and another 5-10 lines giving more and more excuses for why I delayed the updates to this blog.. but tonight, I refuse to..:p Let's just go straight to the main issue, shall we?

Now, this is Abu:

I had written about him in this blog once.
Well, he is actually a very very big male cat who is enjoying every moment of his life, ignores what other "mortal beings" think of him and doesn't care much about the ticks or scratches on his body. From what I heard, he is nearly 8 eight years old! Yes, he is one old cat indeed...but he still looks young and energetic though;p

Abu usually comes to my room, meowing as loud as he can in front of my door and beg for cat food..more and more cat food. Truthfully speaking, I will usually give him the cat food as fast as I can just so that he could stop meowing.. His meowing is awfully loud that the whole block could hear him and this makes me feel a little bit afraid. I am afraid that my neighbor might feel disturbed about it and one of them might come knocking on my door AGAIN giving me more "long speeches" about how "insane" I am for giving food to stray cats, and how they are much "humane" than I am and ah! yada yada! So oklah, kesian dan tak nak kena leter dengan jiran adalah faktor awal mengapa saya bagi Abu makanan.

But then, eventually, looking at Abu's sympathetic face and watching the adorable side of Abu makes me grew more and more attached to him. Everytime he asks me for food, he will make this one very very sympathetic-cute-adorable face that will make me definitely melt;p I will not have the heart to be mad or angry at him..even when sometimes I have to stop doing my work just so that I could attend his hunger for more and more cat food;p Dan yang paling buruk ialah minggu lepas, saya telah diserang gatal-gatal allergy selepas setiap kali saya pakai kasut-kasut canvas saya. Rupanya Abu yang comot itu suka tidur atas kasut-kasut tu. Saya terpaksa merendam kaki saya denga Dettol dan air panas dan membasuh kesemua kasut-kasut saya dengan air Dettol:p Merungut jugaklah, tapi tak lah marah sangat;p

This proves that I am getting fonder of him.
"Abu oh Abu..I am now so used to your three-times-a day-meowing in front of my door.";p

However, within these few days, I notice that his visits to my room has become lesser and lesser. And I believe, this has got to do with the injury that he's having.

He was involved in a cat fight and his sort of left lower cheek got injured. At first, there was a small hole. Then the hole got a little bit bigger and there were maggots in it (wanna hear something very sick? saya geram gile tengok maggots tu, saya cucuk-cucuk dengan kunci kereta;p wakakaka!).

p/s: Did you know that having maggots in wounds is actually nature's way of healing? Yes, it is. These maggots will eat up all the rotten parts of the wound or flesh and later the wound will be a bit "cleaner". I have heard once, that orang kampung dolu-dolu used to use such method to heal wounds. They will simply expose their wounds to maggots. Wuhhuu!:p

Okay, now back to Abu. I am starting to feel worried of him. So, I tried to apply some antiseptic i.e Dettol on his wound. Well, truthfully speaking, I didn't actually "apply" the Dettol, I "shoot" it to the wound by using a syringe (thanx to Amny:). It was hard cause Abu didn't like it at all. He has started to freak out when ever he sees me or smells the Dettol. Nevertheless, I managed to shoot it several times into his wound. With the help of the maggots;p and the Dettol, I was hoping that the wound would be better.

This evening, I saw him sleeping downstairs. And he didn't look as lively as before. He didn't come to my room, upstairs, at level 3, today. So, I went down to check on him. I brought along a minyak gamat with the hope that this time, the wound had started to dry up a bit and this time, I could really apply the minyak gamat using my own hands.

Oh BUT to my surprise, the wound is getting deeper...I mean deeper into his flesh. I mean really really deep.. And I could still saw several maggots (not as much as before) in the wounds. Oh poor Abu... I tried to put the minyak gamat, but I guess, he dislikes the smell so much that he ran away. He didn't even finish up the cat food that I gave him.. Oh poor Abu... how can I help him... I cannot bring him to the clinnic cause one, I don't have the small cage, second, he is not used to it, third, I am now very allergic to him and fourth, I am sure he won't like the idea..

Guess I have grown more attached to him...
I pray and I hope that he is going to be okay...
Oh poor Abu...

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