Sunday, June 15, 2008

As Innocent As A Kitten

Look who I caught playing and jumping cheerfully in front of my cat hater neighbour's door? Two cute, adorable and INNOCENT kittens!!

God knows how did they manage to reach level three of this block...and why, of all the rooms, they dared to choose to play in front of the cat hater's room...!! Menempah maut sungguh diorang ni;p I was so shocked myself. Worried of the cat hater's wrath towards these innocent kittens, I quickly took these curious kitten to the ground floor and let them play at the parking lot...It is definately safer there.

Hehe...kittens! You can't blame them...they are just plain curious and innocent;p


Zetty said...

AAAAAH! I remember these two! Geram! Picitmati!

Fasyu said...

comel sgt kann..?! tp skang xtau diorg kt mane...hmm..

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