Friday, June 13, 2008

Abu and Paw

This is Abu... He always comes to my room, buat muka seposen and begs for food as if he has not eaten for days.. Padahal, baru sejam lepas dia dah datang mintak makanan;p Kadang-kadang memang ada rasa macam malas nak layan si Abu ni.. But he has his way of capturing my attention and sympathy;p So, terpakse layan kan juga;p Lagipun, tengok la muke dia yang adorable tu...muke kesian...tak sampai hati nak ignore;p

Tapi, satu perangai dia yang tak larat ditanggung ialah, since he knows that he will easily get some food from me and I will definitely give him some no matter what, he likes to come to my room, begging and meowing for food, even though it's already late at night and I'm still asleep... Being me, aku bangun juga dari tidur ku, semata-mata nak bagi dia makan;p Lagipun, aku tak nak my neighbours bilik sebelah sampai terjaga dek panggilan kelaparan si Abu...

Speaking of which, some of my neighbours at my hostel, who are foreigners, do not like cats...or accurately speaking, they hate cats and do not like the idea of having someone like me, a catlover, staying on the same floor. No doubt, there are Malaysian students who do not like cats and they are staying on the same floor wth me, but, I believe we have this mutual agreement that as long as I won't disturb them with this "hobby" of mine, they won't mind. Tapi, foreigners ni, salah seorang daripada diorang siap datang lagi jumpa dan warned aku, suruh aku jangan bagi makanan kat kucing. Kalau tak, dia akan tangkap kucing tu, and letak kat tempat lain. I just cant be bothered by this cause, they are also guilty of doing the things that attract the cats to come to their rooms (Panjang ceritenya, malas nak cerite dekat sini). So, I still continue giving cat food to the cats;p

Next, let me introduce you to Paw. She used to be Abu's partner (note, I said 'used to be';p) and she used to come to my room begging for food, just like Abu;p Paw is not too pampered like Abu, she's a little bit aggressive... But I do pity her cause according to my neighbour,Sarah, who's also a catlover, dah due kali kandungan Paw gugur...Kesian die...

Then, one day, Paw's tail was injured. Her condition was quite serious. Thank God there are people like Amira, Sarah and friends who are catlovers...they helped her, brought her to the vet, gave her medicine and gave her all the attention that she needed;) Due to my neighbours' profound hatred towards cats, one of the catlovers found Paw a new place to stay. She is now adopted by a new family in Seremban and she is now in safe hands=)

At first, Abu was a bit lost without Paw. Everytime he showed up in front of my door, he would be meowing and he would look straight at my face, as if asking me, "Have you seen Paw?";p But I am not that worried about him cause I know that he will survive;) All in all, I hope Paw is happy with her new family;p

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