Sunday, June 15, 2008

As Innocent As A Kitten

Look who I caught playing and jumping cheerfully in front of my cat hater neighbour's door? Two cute, adorable and INNOCENT kittens!!

God knows how did they manage to reach level three of this block...and why, of all the rooms, they dared to choose to play in front of the cat hater's room...!! Menempah maut sungguh diorang ni;p I was so shocked myself. Worried of the cat hater's wrath towards these innocent kittens, I quickly took these curious kitten to the ground floor and let them play at the parking lot...It is definately safer there.

Hehe...kittens! You can't blame them...they are just plain curious and innocent;p

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Minyak Gamat

Other than having a first aid kit for humans, in our house, we also have a kit for my cats;p (Al maklum lah, jumlah kucing lagi ramai daripada manusia kat rumah tu;p) There are all sorts of medicine in that kit; from a minor flu to serious fever and injuries.

Now, other than the usual medicine for cats that we got from the vet, the kit for the cats also contains a bottle of minyak gamat! Why minyak gamat and what's the use of it? Minyak gamat ini digunakan untuk merawat luka-luka pada badan kucing-kucing aku. This is the ilmu that has been practiced by my mum's family since long time ago. My mum and my Mak Long said that during the old days, it was hard to get medicine for their cats and they didn't have the money to go to the vet. The only medicine to cure their cats' injuries that they could think of was minyak gamat. So, every time any of their cats had any injuries, they would apply minyak gamat on the injuries. And this is still practiced by my family...especially when we discover that it helps and it works!=)

One more thing that makes me feel okay with applying minyak gamat to my cats is, minyak gamat is not dangerous to the cat's health in case they accidentally or deliberately lick it. Well, you know cats..they just love licking themselves;p

Hopefully, everybody and every cat could benefit from this simple tip;) Saja berkongsi tip...mana tau kalo berguna;p But remember, minyak gamat is safe to be used externally and if the injury is a serious one, it's better for you to bring your cat to the vet for a thorough check up=)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Abu and Paw

This is Abu... He always comes to my room, buat muka seposen and begs for food as if he has not eaten for days.. Padahal, baru sejam lepas dia dah datang mintak makanan;p Kadang-kadang memang ada rasa macam malas nak layan si Abu ni.. But he has his way of capturing my attention and sympathy;p So, terpakse layan kan juga;p Lagipun, tengok la muke dia yang adorable tu...muke kesian...tak sampai hati nak ignore;p

Tapi, satu perangai dia yang tak larat ditanggung ialah, since he knows that he will easily get some food from me and I will definitely give him some no matter what, he likes to come to my room, begging and meowing for food, even though it's already late at night and I'm still asleep... Being me, aku bangun juga dari tidur ku, semata-mata nak bagi dia makan;p Lagipun, aku tak nak my neighbours bilik sebelah sampai terjaga dek panggilan kelaparan si Abu...

Speaking of which, some of my neighbours at my hostel, who are foreigners, do not like cats...or accurately speaking, they hate cats and do not like the idea of having someone like me, a catlover, staying on the same floor. No doubt, there are Malaysian students who do not like cats and they are staying on the same floor wth me, but, I believe we have this mutual agreement that as long as I won't disturb them with this "hobby" of mine, they won't mind. Tapi, foreigners ni, salah seorang daripada diorang siap datang lagi jumpa dan warned aku, suruh aku jangan bagi makanan kat kucing. Kalau tak, dia akan tangkap kucing tu, and letak kat tempat lain. I just cant be bothered by this cause, they are also guilty of doing the things that attract the cats to come to their rooms (Panjang ceritenya, malas nak cerite dekat sini). So, I still continue giving cat food to the cats;p

Next, let me introduce you to Paw. She used to be Abu's partner (note, I said 'used to be';p) and she used to come to my room begging for food, just like Abu;p Paw is not too pampered like Abu, she's a little bit aggressive... But I do pity her cause according to my neighbour,Sarah, who's also a catlover, dah due kali kandungan Paw gugur...Kesian die...

Then, one day, Paw's tail was injured. Her condition was quite serious. Thank God there are people like Amira, Sarah and friends who are catlovers...they helped her, brought her to the vet, gave her medicine and gave her all the attention that she needed;) Due to my neighbours' profound hatred towards cats, one of the catlovers found Paw a new place to stay. She is now adopted by a new family in Seremban and she is now in safe hands=)

At first, Abu was a bit lost without Paw. Everytime he showed up in front of my door, he would be meowing and he would look straight at my face, as if asking me, "Have you seen Paw?";p But I am not that worried about him cause I know that he will survive;) All in all, I hope Paw is happy with her new family;p

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Story of Fifi a.k.a Pepi

She was one very pretty, fluffy, well-trained,well-behaved,disciplined, obedient and not to mention proud as well as lazy cat;p Yet, she was and is still my number one buah hati;p She is none other than my dearest Fifi or Pepi...;)

She had been with the family for 10 years and she had made them among the wonderful years of my life. She was given to us by my mum's friends, from Parit Buntar. With her proud and sophisticated look, no one would've guessed that she was once a kampung cat;p But still, she was such an adorable cat=)

One of the adorable things that she liked to do was, she would jump here and there excitedly every time I got back home for holidays..and every time I returned to my hostel, she would wait in front of my bedroom door, meowing and begging, as if mourning and feeling sad for my absence;p Yes, she was one very 'entertaining' and 'dramatic' cat;p

However, gradually, she turned out to be a bit 'quite'. She was not as active as before. This probably had to do with her age...well, 9 and 10 years old are considered old for cats. Later in her remaining days, she became weaker and weaker... Her most critical stage was when she couldn't even walk, eat and drink on her own anymore. And I am thankful that I was there to take good care of her..

On the 29th of May 2007, while I was giving my dearest Fifi drops of water from a syringe, I realized that something was wrong and she was struggling hard, not because she refused to have a sip of the water, but this time it was because of something else...she was struggling to endure the pain of death. I couldn't do anything except watching and praying so that it won't be very hard on her. Tears started to fill my eyes as I watched and witnessed my dearest Fifi's last dying breath...and in just a few seconds, she slipped away and died..

It's been a year now and I still remember clearly how it all happened. In fact, I don't think this sad feeling of loosing her will ever go away. To me, having Fifi around was one of the best things that ever happened to me...and the best things in life are not meant to be forgotten...

Dear Fifi, though you are no more around,you will always be my dearest buah hati;)

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